Digicel's Prepaid 5.49 Plan| Terms and Conditions

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1.            The Digicel Prepaid 5.49 Plan (‘the Plan’) is a per-second plan and is available to all Digicel Prepaid Customers except as otherwise excluded herein (‘Customers’). Hybrid subscribers are not eligible for this Plan.

2.            Customers may access the 5.49 Plan until such date as otherwise determined by Digicel in its sole discretion.

3.            Customers must ‘opt in’ to participate in the Plan by dialing the short code *156*1# and press ‘send’ on their mobile handset and then follow the instructions.

4.            Customers are not charged for opting in to the 5.49 Plan and there is no recurring subscription fee.

5.             Customers on the Plan will benefit from a per second billing rate of 5.49 on the following local calls at any time of the day:

a.      on-net fixed and mobile calls (Digicel to Digicel);

b.      off-net mobile calls (Digicel to Flow mobile);

c.       off-net fixed-line calls (Digicel to Flow and Flow fixed line) ;

d.     international calls to USA, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong and fixed lines in the UK and Spain; and

e.      Such other applicable rates as are published on Digicel’s website from time to time.  

f.        Value offerings as described in these terms and conditions.

6.      All other calls will be billed to Customers at Digicel’s prevailing rates as time to time in force and are excluded from the Plan.

7.      Quoted rates are per minute but billed per second.

8.      Once a Customer ‘opts in’ to the Plan they cannot “opt out” of the Plan and they shall remain subscribed to the Plan for the duration of time they remain a Digicel customer in accordance with these terms and conditions or if Digicel has in its sole discretion withdrawn the Plan. 

9.            Once customers activate the Plan, they will remain subscribed to the plan and will not be able “opt out” nor move to other prepaid plans as the other prepaid plans (namely the 2.95 Plan, Gimme 5 and 2.89 Plans) are closed to new subscribers from April 13, 2017 onwards, therefore no subscribers can sign up to these other prepaid plans, however, subscribers who are already on these prepaid plans will remain on the plans.

10.        Customers activating a new Prepaid SIM Card, Quick Pick Plans or opting into the More Credit offer from April 7, 2017 will automatically move to the 5.49 Plan.

11.        Calls made by customers to any other numbers (i.e. toll free, special service, premium rated numbers, international destinations etc.) not specified in these terms and conditions, will continue to be charged at Digicel’s prevailing standard rates applicable to those calls.

12.        Customers subscribed to the Plan shall be charged for international calls to USA, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong and fixed lines in the UK and Spain at a rate of $5.49 and Digicel’s standard rate of $17.75 per minute (billed per second) for International calls made outside of any International Calling plan to which they may be subscribed. Calls to other international destinations will be billed as the prevailing rate for the destination called. 

13.            Prepaid, Special Corporate and WIMAX Customers are excluded and not eligible for participation in the Plan.

14.         Calls that are a part of any other discounted call offer are excluded from the Plan. The Plan does not apply when Customers are Roaming and is only valid when Customers are making calls in Jamaica. Customers who are roaming shall be charged the applicable roaming rates.

15.            The 5.49 rate only applies to voice calls and does not apply to text messages except as may be specifically provided otherwise.

16.            Customers who subscribe to the Plan are  not eligible  to benefit from Gimme 5 offers such as:   Double Data, Best Friend for Free, Gimme 5 Digi to Digi voice offers, Gimme 5 International voice offers, Gimme 5 text offers, the First of the Month Loyalty Bonus, the Prepaid Free Nights offer and Free Data during the Free Nights Promotion.

17.            Customers who are subscribed to the Plan may sign up for Digicel products and services such as: Quick Pick Plans, International Calling Plan, VIP Plan, Data/Blackberry Plans, Roam Like Home Plan, Roaming Data Plan and Roaming Voice Plan. Customers may also subscribe to any other available products and services for which they are eligible.

18.            Customers subscribed to the Plan are eligible to receive Diaspora (Retail and Online) Top Up and Double (2X)/Triple (3X)/Quadruple (4X) Bonus promotional offers from the Diaspora unless otherwise stated in any promotion specific terms and conditions.

19.            Customers shall be able to utilize the DigiLoan and Credit U Services while on the Plan. 

20.            Customers shall pay all applicable taxes (including Telephone Call Tax (TCT) and GCT on TCT) per minute or part thereof for calls made from their MAIN account. Customers shall not be charged TCT on calls made from bonus call credit where applicable unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions of the bonus offer.

21.            The total credit a Customer is allowed to have on his or her main account balance shall be limited to a maximum as determined by Digicel.

22.        Digicel reserves the right to at any time; with or without notice vary the terms and conditions of the Plan, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Plan. In the event of Digicel giving notice to Customers of any such changes to, withdrawal or cancellation of the Plan, it shall suffice for Digicel to give Customers notice via messages to Customer handsets or to post such notification on Digicel’s website.  Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

23.        Except where there is a conflict the general Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between Digicel and Digicel Prepaid Customers and all other terms and conditions in relation to any offer herein remain applicable in addition to any other terms and conditions of use of any of Digicel’s other services including such as  Digicel’s data services.  Where a conflict exists these terms and conditions shall prevail.

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Digicel's Prepaid 5.49 Plan| Terms and Conditions