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Nuff Social Bundles Terms and Conditions

1.      What is Nuff Social?

Nuff Social is simply the coolest mix of Unlimited data for social media + regular data + talk time – all designed to keep you connected for longer. Best of all, Nuff Social bundles come with rollover data and talk.


2.      What are the features of a Nuff Social bundle?

Bundle 2 day 7 days 28 days
Regular Data 150 MB 400 MB 1.8 GB
Regular Data
2 day
150 MB
7 days
400 MB
28 days
1.8 GB
On-net Minutes 25 75 300
On-net Minutes
2 day
7 days
28 days
Fee – JMD $ 250 $750 $2,650
Fee – JMD
2 day
$ 250
7 days
28 days
Unlimited Social Media Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
Unlimited Social Media
2 day
Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram
7 days
Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
28 days
Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

Social media benefits will not rollover when moving from Nuff Social to other plans and vice versa.



3. Why should I buy a Nuff Social bundle

Because you get more value with Unlimited Social to enjoy your favourite social apps without worrying about data charges. Plus with a generous amount of regular data and on-net minutes on every plan for you to other things online and keep in touch with your contacts. Don’t forget rollover of your unused minutes and data, so that you always get to keep what’s yours. 


4. Who can benefit from the new Nuff Social bundle?

Every Digicel prepaid customer can get in on this pocket-saver of an offer and enjoy all the value and convenience of Nuff Social bundles.


5. How do I activate a Nuff Social bundle now?

It’s much easier when you use the My Digicel app at p.mydigicel.net. Simply select ‘Nuff Social’ in the ‘Available Plans’ menu. You may also dial *147# and select ‘Nuff Social’ from the main menu.


6. I have unused data from another plan or bundle, will my data rollover if I purchase Nuff Social bundle or vice-versa?             

Yes. This is one of the great things about Nuff Social - you get to keep what’s yours. You can rollover up to 12GB of data from your other bundle or plan when you activate a Nuff Social bundle within the 24-hours of expiry of the old plan. What’s even better is that you can rollover any amount of available data if your purchase a Nuff Social bundle before your current bundle expires, .


7. I have unused minutes from another bundle, will my minutes rollover if I purchase a Nuff Social bundle or vice-versa? 

Sure. With rollover you get to keep up to 4,000 unused minutes when you activate a Nuff Social bundle within the 24 hours grace period after your current bundle or plan expires. However, if your purchase a Nuff Social bundle before your current bundle before it expires, you can rollover any amount of available minutes.


8. I have social media data from another bundle, will this rollover if I purchase a Nuff Social bundle?

Unfortunately, social benefits from other plans, bundles or add-ons will not rollover.


9. How many times per month can the Nuff Social bundle be activated?

As many times as you wish. As long as you have enough credit, you can activate a new Nuff Social bundle. Your unused Data & Talk will rollover. You’ll continue to enjoy Unlimited Social Media for the duration your original bundle.      


10. How will I know when the Data or Minutes from my Nuff Social bundle are close to finished?

We’ll send you two to three friendly text message updates with the remaining megabytes or minutes in your Nuff Social bundle. 


11. What happens when the Data or Minutes from my Nuff Social bundle are finished?

We’ll send you a friendly text message update giving you options to renew your bundle or buy more megabytes or minutes (we call them ‘Add-ons’) for as low as JMD $50 for 50MB of data or 50 Digicel minutes.


12. Will I incur charges once my data is finished and my bundle is still active?              

Remember, no surprises. With Digicel, you’ll pay no overage charges once you are on an active Data plan or Data add-on. To use out-of-bundle data, you can opt-in to pay the standard rate of JMD $20/MB for up to 5 megabytes within a 24-hour period. However, we always recommend that you buy a plan or bundle and save.     


13. What happens when the minutes from my Nuff Social Bundle are finished?

We’ll send you a text message showing you how to buy 50 local Anywhere minutes for $50 with a Talk add-on. Not interested? You can still make calls for as low as  JMD 6.50 per minute for the rest of the plan or after it expires. 


14. Can I buy a social add-on with my Nuff Social bundle?

Unfortunately, social add-ons and social features from other bundles will not be available for purchase or rollover once you are using a Nuff Social bundle.


15. If my Nuff Social bundle expires, can I keep using my add-on?

Good question. Your 50MB of data or 50 mins Talk add-on will expire at the same time your bundle or plan expires. However, if you’d have purchased a 1GB add-on, you can continue to use it after your bundle or plan expires, once another bundle or Data only plan is activated before the add-on expires.


16. How long are the data and minutes add-ons valid for?                                                    

• 50MB Data and 50 mins Talk add-ons are valid for the duration of your Nuff Social Bundle. 

• 1GB data add-on is valid for up to 2 days. That is, if you activate this add-on on the last day of your bundle or plan, you will be able to continue using the add-on up to then end of its 2-day validity once another bundle or plan is activated before the add-on expires.


17. Can I activate another Nuff Social bundle if I already have one active?

Sure. When you activate another Nuff Social Bundle while one is already active, you'll keep all the unused Talk & Data from the current bundle. However, Unlimited Social data will not roll-over and will maintain the duration of the original Nuff Social bundle


18. If I am on a call while using my Nuff Social bundle, and my minutes run out, what happens to my call?

No worries, if you're on a Digicel to Digicel call you can keep talking. Your call will not disconnect. However, you will be charged for the out-of-bundle portion of the call at the standard rate of $6.50 per minute.  


19. Will I be reminded about my rollover data and minutes?

Yes. We’ll send you quick reminder before the time runs out. The final reminder will let you know that your unused megabytes and minutes have expired. Don’t let this happen to you. Always renew within 24 hours.


20. Where can I call with my Digicel bundle minutes?

You can use them to call to any local Digicel number.


21. How will I be notified when my Nuff Social bundle expires?                                                    

You will receive a friendly reminder 48 hours before letting you know that your bundle is about to expire. If you do not activate a new Nuff Social bundle, we'll send you another reminder 24 hours, just in case you forgot.


22. Does the Nuff Social bundle automatically renew?

Yes, your Nuff Social bundle will auto-renew as long as there is sufficient credit on your account. We encourage you to top-up at t.mydigicel.net or dial *121# from your phone to add credit.


23. Can I opt-out of auto-renew?

Sure. Use the My Digicel App p.mydigicel.net to view and manage your plan or dial *147#.


24. Am I able to use my Nuff Social bundle after it expires?

No. Unused data and minutes will only be valid for use once you renew your bundle within 48 hours of expiry of the old one.           


25. How do I check the remaining megabytes and minutes on my Nuff Social bundle?

You have two ways:

• My Digicel App – click on the app and go to ‘Accounts and Balances’.

• Service Menu: *147# to see your available minutes and/or data balances.


26.  Is there a Fair Usage Policy for the Nuff Social bundle?

Yes. We want all our customers to enjoy their Nuff Social bundle with the best quality network experience. Our Fair Usage Policy for ‘Unlimited’ Nuff Social bundles was developed to ensure that all customers  get the right experience from their chosen bundle.

A very small number of customers sometimes use lots of bandwidth to send and receive large files and do long periods of video streaming which affects the experience for other users  Our Fair Usage Policy manages use of the data network in order to allow everyone fair use of the service.


27. How does your Fair Use Policy work?

Under the Policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited social media bundles. These limits are set well above normal usage. In this way, most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.

On reaching the fair usage limit, the bundle allotment for social media data will no longer be available for the rest of the validity period. The fair usage level varies based on the longevity of your chosen Nuff Social bundle.


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