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1. “VIP TEXT” is a SMS-only Closed User Group (CUG) service which is available to Digicel FLEX (Pre-paid) and Digicel SELECT (Post-paid) subscribers.

2. The service allows members of a CUG comprised of two to five persons to send unlimited text messages to each other for a fixed monthly fee.

3. The service is for text messages only. Voice calls are charged as per the subscriber’s prevailing Digicel SELECT tariff plan or at the usual Digicel FLEX call rates.

4. Each CUG may consist of Digicel FLEX subscribers only, Digicel SELECT subscribers only or a combination of Digicel FLEX and Digicel SELECT subscribers.

5. Each member of the CUG is charged a fixed monthly fee to use the service.

6. A subscriber may register for the service by dialling (*146*2#). The subscriber will receive a reply message and will be required to respond to a series of prompts. Text messages sent as a part of this registration process are sent free of charge.

7. New users may join an existing CUG at any time but only by invitation from an existing member of the CUG.

8. The full monthly subscription fee is payable on joining regardless of how many days remain in the month.

9. If a member pays their own subscription as well as that of 1 or more members of a CUG, that paying member is known as a Master.

10. At the end of each 30 day period all members of the VIP Text CUG are prompted to renew their subscription. If a member does not renew their subscription the CUG will continue for the next 30 days provided that two (2) or more remaining members renew their subscription to the service and have sufficient credit. In the event that only 1 member has renewed, the CUG is discontinued and the service is terminated.

11. A subscriber (who is not a Master) may leave the group at any time but will be charged the full monthly subscription fee.

12. A Master may only leave the CUG at the end of a billing period.

13. A subscriber can register and be a member of 10 different VIP Text and/or Voice Plans. Subscription to each CUG is charged separately.

14. This service is offered for use to individuals in their personal communication and not designed for commercial use. Digicel reserves the right to terminate the service forthwith if in its sole opinion the service is being abused.

15. The service is not fault free and it may be impaired by physical obstructions, geographic and atmospheric conditions, other causes of radio interference or other conditions or circumstance beyond Digicel’s control, including but not limited to, defects on other telecommunications systems not owned by Digicel but to which Digicel’s Network is connected. Accordingly Digicel does not warrant that messages sent by this service will be delivered to the intended recipient.

16. Digicel reserves the right to at any time vary the charge for the service, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Service. In any of these events Notice will be given via media advertisements or text messages to our Subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

17. If calls to a subscriber number are barred, where service to a subscriber number has expired or has been deactivated or where a warning has been issued to a Subscriber in relation to service to his subscriber number the Subscriber will not be allowed to use the Service.

18. The general Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between Digicel and the   Digicel FLEX Subscriber are set out in Digicel FLEX Terms and Conditions


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VIP Text Service Terms and Conditions