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1.    What is the LTE SIM Upgrade offer?

This is your opportunity to upgrade your old SIM card to a new LTE SIM card for free and receive a complimentary 3-day, 1GB data plan.

2.     How do I get my new LTE SIM?

First, please dial *129# to check if your SIM is LTE-ready. If you receive a message telling you to upgrade your SIM, please visit your nearest Digicel store and request your free LTE SIM upgrade.

You will be required to provide the PUK 1 or SIM registration details along with a valid Government-issued ID. You’ll then receive your upgraded LTE SIM, loaded with a 3-day, 1GB data plan. All that’s needed is for you to ensure that your phone settings are switched to LTE in order to experience faster mobile data speeds.

3.    Will I need to have the old SIM that is to be upgraded?

Yes. We will then exchange it for the new LTE SIM plus 1GB of data.

4.    Will my 1GB of free data auto-renew?

No. Once the data expires, you can purchase a new plan via the My Digicel app, or by dialing &147#

7.    How will I check my 1GB data balance?

Please use the My Digicel app or dial *147#.

8.    Will I be able to activate other data plans while on the 3 day 1GB data plan?

Yes. And you will be able to activate another data plan and transfer any unused data from the free 1GB offer.

9.    I do not have an LTE smartphone now, but if I upgrade to an LTE SIM right now and get an LTE smartphone later, will I still receive the offer benefit?

Sorry, the offer is applicable up to November 30, 2019. Right now is a good time to get a great Phone of the Month deal on selected LTE smartphones so that you can enjoy your free 1GB of data before the offer expires.

10. Why do I need upgrade to an LTE SIM?

So that you get more of the things you love while living your best digital life. With Digicel LTE, you’ll enjoy the fastest mobile data speeds that make uploading and downloading a breeze. Plus, you get to enjoy a smooth experience while using your favourite music streaming apps including D’Music, and sports apps like SportsMax for all the live and recorded sports content you want. Remember to switch your phone settings to LTE and experience faster mobile data speeds.

11. But my location does not offer LTE services…

The Digicel LTE network is expanding nationwide. The service is available in over 300 towns and cities (and counting) across Jamaica. Right now, we’re rolling out LTE to more people in more places, so it’s important for you to have your new LTE SIM right now ahead of LTE coming to your area.

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