Postpaid Roaming DataAdd-On

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Postpaid Roaming Data Add-On

Postpaid Roaming Add-On FAQ

1.       What is the new postpaid roaming Add-On?

The new postpaid roaming Add-On will allow customers on International and Caribbean plans to add additional data to their plan to continue browsing at a cheaper cost while roaming.

2.       What does the roaming Add-On include?

The Roaming Add-On includes the below:




Data (MB)

250 MB Data Add-on

30  days



 1GB Data Add-on

30 days



3.       How do I activate the postpaid Add-on?

You may activate the roaming add-onn by visiting the MyDigicel app at or dialing *147#. 

4.How do I check my roaming data balance?

You may check your balance by dialing *120*154# or via the MyDigicel app at 

5.       Who will be able to activate the Roaming Add-On?

Only Postpaid customers on the International and Caribbean roaming plan will be able to activate the Roaming Data Add-On.

6.       Will I be able to use the roam easy add-On after the plan has expired?

No, once the main roaming plan expires from the account the customer will not be able to continue streaming. 

7.       How long does the roaming add-on last for?

Both 250MB and 1GB data plan will have a 30-day duration. 

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Postpaid Roaming Add-On FAQ