Port-In Offer FAQ

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Port-In Offer FAQ

1)      What is the Port-in Offer?

The Port-in offer is a great way to reward you for porting to Digicel. When you switch to Digicel you will retain your mobile number, and your new Digicel SIM loaded with the following FREE plans:  

·         28-Day 6GB  Unlimted Social + Talk Plan 

·         30-day 1GB D’Music Plan

·         7-day PlayGo Pass

.         30-day SportsMax Premium Access 

Along with this offer, you will get a 45% discount on the price of the following smartphones:

·         Alcatel 5033 - $2,100 + tax

·         DL3 - $4,000 +tax.

2)             How does the smartphone component of the Port In offer work?

Walk into your nearest Digicel store and request to Port to Digicel for FREE. You will receive the option to buy the Alcatel 5033 at a discounted price of $2,100 + tax or the DL3 at a discounted price of $4000 + tax.

3)             Is there a cost for customers who wish to port in?

No. Port-in is FREE along with the plans.

4)             What if I do not want to purchase a smartphone when porting in?

No problem. The smartphone option is just an additional offer for you.


For more information on Number Portability, click here.


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Port-In Offer FAQ