Ministry of Education Plan & Add-On FAQ

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Ministry of Education Plan & Add on

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch date: April 3, 2020


1.      What is the Education Plan?

Our Education Plan is being offered in partnership with the Ministry of Educaton, Youth and Informtion. It allows students at all levels to enjoy unlimited access to their schools’ online learning platforms with access to e-libraries, tutorials, courses and assignments – all in one convenient place.  

2.      Can I get the Education Plan

Yes. All active Digicel prepaid customers will have access to the Education Plan or an Education Plan Add-on.


3.      How much does it cost?

14-Day Education Plan

Plan Name



Data for Education URLs

Data Allotment (MB)

14-Day Education Plan

14 Days


Unlimited (Fair Usage Applies)




Education Plan Add-on

Add On Name


Compatible Plans 


Data for Education URLs

Data Allotment (MB)

Education Plan Add-on

Same as the duration of your current data  Plan

All Data Plans


Unlimited (Fair Usage Applies)




4.      How long will my Education Plan Add-n last for?

Your Add-on will expire at the same time your current plan finishes. Example: If you are already on an active 28-day plan and then activate an Education Plan Add-on, the add-on will be valid for 28 days. However, if you activate the Add-on later on during the 28-day plan, the Add-on will still expire whtn the plan finishes.



5.      Where can I find the list of websites with unlimited access while on the Education Plan?

Please visit


6.      What if I access a website outside of the ones listed, will I be charged?

Yes. You will be charged from your regular data balance.

7.      What will happen when my regular data balance finished?

You will be prompted to purchase an Add=on if your current plan has not expired.


8.      Will the 14-day Education Plan auto-renew?

Yes. Your plan will auto-renew provided that you have enough credit your account.


9.      Will my Education Plan Addon auto-renew as well?

No. You can purchase a new Add-on shortly after activating your new plan.



10.   How do I activate the Education Plan and Add-on?

It’s easier via the MyDigicel app, or you may dial *147#


11.   Will the unused data on my Education Plan rollover?

Yes. Once you activate another plan or repurchase the current plan within 24 hours of expiry.




12.   How do I check my balance?

Via the MyDigicel App or  by dialing *147#


13.   Can I activate other Addons while on the 14-day Education Plan?

Yes. You may choose from the following:

                                                               i.      1-day 1GB Add-on

                                                             ii.      60 MB Data –

                                                           iii.      60Mins Digicel Talk

                                                           iv.      30Mins Local Talk


14.   Will I receive notifications when I am close tothe Fair Usage allowance?

Yes. We willsend you a text message to let you know.



Please view our Fair Usage Policy here:



List of Education sites:


Website Link


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Ministry of Education Plan & Add-On FAQ