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What is LTE Home?

A home internet service that uses the Digicel TDD-LTE network to delivers high-speed internet to your home via a broadband router. The LTE Home router also provides a Wi-Fi signal, providing internet access throughout the home. The service is designed for customers who live in the coverage area who want access to high-speed internet. With LTE Home you will enjoy:

  • High-speed internet with average download speeds of up to 10 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi connections for up to 5 devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc.)
  • Wired Ethernet connections to your devices


How does TDD-LTE technology work?

TDD-LTE is an evolutionary wireless technology that makes the most efficient use of available spectrum to deliver high-speed uplink and downlink transmission of data.


Where is the LTE Home service available?

LTE Home is currently available in selected areas within St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, Westmoreland, Hanover, Manchester and St. Catherine.  The addition of new territories will be completed at a later date.


How do I know if I qualify for LTE Home?

When you ask to sign up for the service, our Customer Service or door-to-door Sales Representative will see if your home address meets the following standards:

  • Situated within the TDD-LTE coverage area
  • Suitable and reliable power supply to your home

Note: Even if you receive coverage at your home, you still may not qualify for LTE Home service. We want to make sure we provide the best internet service, so we won't install it where there's a weak signal.


Will I have full access to the internet with the LTE Home service?

Yes, you can enjoy access to a world of information and entertainment at your fingertips; just as you would with a wired home internet service.


What speeds can be expected with the LTE Home service?

You can expect download speeds of up to 10 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps. However, speeds can vary depending on the number of devices connected simultaneously to the router and/or the volume of demand for services like streaming.


How do I verify my eligibility for the LTE Home service?

Please call 1-888-DIGICEL, dial 145 from your Digicel mobile, or visit any Digicel dealer store with a valid government issued ID, TRN and address verification to confirm whether your address is located within the Digicel LTE Home coverage area.


What type of LTE Home plans are available?

Plan Type

Data Allotment

Price per month





Calendar month

*Once cap is exceeded, postpaid customers will throttle at 1mbps until the next bill cycle.

** Postpaid subscription fee includes equipment monthly rental fee of $500.

** Price does not include GCT


How do I become a LTE Home customer?

Upon successfully completing the service eligibility verification site visit to verify your address is in the LTE Home service area, you will be required to provide the following documents to a Digicel door-to-door sales agent or Customer Service Representative in-store to complete the sign-up process that includes:

  • Passport, National ID or Driver’s License
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN), if Driver’s license is not used.
  • Completed customer agreement form
  • One (1) recent utility bill verifying address on activation form.
  • Installation Fee of J$10,000
  • Refundable deposit of $4,000


Will I have to pay a deposit when I sign up?

A deposit of $4,000 is required to complete the LTE Home service activation and schedule your installation date.


What happens if I am unable to pay the installation fee at the time of sign up?

We have worked out these arrangements for you:

  1. Pay the full amount of your first month’s bill; or
  2. Enter and stick to a monthly payment plan


Is there a maximum data allotment for the LTE Home service?

You will receive 100GB of data each month with your LTE Home service.


What happens if I use all of the data allotted with my LTE Home service?

Should you use 100% of the LTE Home data allotment, you will still be able to browse online for the remainder of the month; however your speeds will be reduced to up to 1 Mbps.


How will I know when I have reached the maximum data allotment?

We will send you a text message advising you once you have used 90% and 100% of your LTE Home data.


How many devices can be connected to the LTE Home service?

You can connect up to five Wi-Fi capable devices using the router and up to two devices using the Ethernet port located at the back of the broadband router.


How do I sign up for the LTE Home service?

Please call 1-888-DIGICEL, dial 145 from your Digicel mobile, or visit any Digicel dealer store with a valid government issued ID, TRN and address verification to confirm whether your address is located within the Digicel LTE Home coverage area.


I don't qualify for LTE Home, or the service is not in my area. What other options do I have for Digicel internet service?

If you are able to receive a LTE signal at home, you can still purchase a mobile hotspot or Mi-Fi device at your nearest Digicel store and use it to connect to our mobile network.


What's the installation process for LTE Home service?

After sign up, you can expect:

  1. A call from the installation team to arrange a site visit to verify that your premises is ideally located within the coverage area
  2. A call from our installation team the day before installation to confirm the scheduled appointment
  3. A call on the day of installation to provide the estimated time of arrival at your home
  4. A technician who will professionally install your LTE Home service


What equipment will be included in the installation of the LTE Home service?

Installation includes the following equipment:

  • TDD-LTE modem
  • TDD-LTE indoor router
  • Power adapter
  • Mounting Kit
  • User Guide


Who will install the LTE Home service?

After agreeing an appointment date and time, a Digicel technician with proper identification will visit your home to complete the installation.


Will I be able to choose where the LTE Home router is placed in my home?

You're typically able to show the technician where to set up the router. However, depending on the design of your home, the technician may recommend a more suitable location.


Where will the LTE Home antenna be installed?

The antenna will be mounted on the outside of your home in order to get the best TDD-LTE signal. The technician will offer best placement for the device and allow you to make the final decision before mounting it to the outside of your home. Once the antenna is mounted, please do not attempt to adjust or uninstall it without approval from Digicel.


Who can I call to reschedule installation or report issues about LTE Home?

Please call 1-888-DIGICEL, dial 145 from your Digicel mobile, or visit any Digicel dealer store.


How do I relocate my modem?

Only an approved Digicel technician is authorised to relocate, repair or modify the modem. Should you need to relocate your service and/or equipment, please contact Digicel Customer Care at 145 to schedule a site visit and relocation of equipment at a cost of J$10,000. Digicel will not take responsibility for any service disruption or modem damage as a result of relocation done by the customer.


Can I remove the SIM card in my modem?

It is a breach of the service agreement to remove or tamper with the SIM card from your modem as this could result in damage to the equipment and loss of internet service. Digicel will not take responsibility for any service disruption or modem/SIM damage as a result of this action taken by the customer.


When is my LTE Home postpaid bill due?

Your LTE Home bill is due on the 27th day of the month. Customers are given two days grace period to pay their bills after the due date, without incurring late fees. Payments received after the 29th day of the month will attract a late payment fee of $250, plus tax, which will appear on your next invoice.


What number should my LTE Home payment be made to?

Payments should be made to your LTE Home Subscriber Number; this is found on your monthly LTE Home bill or inside the User Guide delivered at the time of installation.


How do I check my remaining LTE Home Data balance?

Via the My Digicel App at


Where can I pay my LTE Home postpaid bill?

You can pay using any of the following methods:

  • Digicel store
  • MyDigicel ID Portal
  • My Digicel App
  • Bill Pay Now
  • PayMaster (deposit and bill payment)
  • Prime Trust (deposit and bill payment)
  • Jamaica National (bill payment only)
  • Bill Express (bill payment only)
  • Sagicor Online Banking (bill payment only)
  • Scotia Online (bill payment only)
  • NCB Online (bill payment only)


Can I suspend my LTE Home postpaid account?

Yes. You can suspend your LTE Home service for a maximum of 6 months at a charge of $900 plus tax per month.


How do I terminate my LTE Home service?

  • To terminate your LTE Home service, you will be required to submit your request in writing stating the reason for termination to or via a Digicel dealer store. Please ensure you provide a copy of the government-issued ID associated with the account.  
  • If you choose to terminate your service before the contractual period ends, you will be required to return the equipment to a Digicel dealer store. If the service is terminated after the contractual period, you will not be required to return the equipment to Digicel.

To complete termination of the service, you will also need to complete the following:

  • Clear any outstanding balances associated with the LTE Home account. You may also use the deposit to offset any outstanding balances associated with the LTE Home account.
  • Schedule the return of the equipment to Digicel, if you are terminating before the end of the contract period.


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