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The "Free Mobile Service for Life" Promotion
Terms and Conditions

The “Free Mobile Service” Promotion

Terms and Conditions

The Digicel “Free Mobile Service for Life” promotion will run from Friday, July 3, 2020 through to Friday, September 4, 2020 (hereafter called the ‘Promotional Period’), and is available to selected Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid customers who have converted their non-LTE SIM to an LTE SIM during the Promotional Period.

The gifts to be awarded are depicted in the table below:

Table 1

Gift Table

Bi-Weekly Gift

Total # of Winners

Winner Notification

One Prepaid Winner of $20,000 credit per month for 50 years.




One Postpaid winner of up to $20,000 bill write-off per month for 50 years.


Via phone by Digicel Representative




Promotion Mechanics:

1.  The Digicel “Free Mobile Service for Life” promotion (hereafter referred to as the “Promotion”), is available to all Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid customers who have converted their Non-LTE SIM to an LTE SIM during the Promotional Period.

  • Selected Prepaid customers will get a lifetime offer of $20,000 bonus credit monthly for 50 years.
  • Selected Postpaid customers will get a lifetime offer of $20,000 being written off their monthly bill for 50 years.
  • The benefit is personal to the selected customer and may not be sold, transferred, assigned, or otherwise alienated.

2.       Who is eligible to participate in this promotion?

Selected Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid customers, with the exception of:

  • Customers who have elected not to participate in any Digicel promotions;
  • Employees or officers of Digicel, affiliated companies, its advertising & PR agencies, Dealers, Distributors and Sub-Distributors and their immediate family members;
  • Postpaid Customers with overdue amounts; and
  • VIP Attraction Tourist Bundle Service Class SIM (SIM cards on the VIP service class).


3.   How will qualified customers gain an entry into the promotion?

Each customer will receive one (1) entry per LTE Sim upgrade.

4.       What are the draw dates for this promotion?

Every (1) week beginning July 3, 2020, one qualifying entry will be randomly selected by Digicel’s raffle management platform to win the Free Mobile Service for Life gift. Winners will be notified by a Digicel representative. The qualifying periods and draw dates for the weekly gift draws are set out below in Table 2:

Table 2


Qualifying Period

Draw Dates


Jun 26 - Jul 2, 2020

Jul 3, 2020


Jul 3 – Jul 9, 2020

Jul 10, 2020


Jul 10 – Jul 16, 2020

Jul 17, 2020


Jul 17 – Jul 23, 2020

Jul 24, 2020


Jul 24 – Jul 30, 2020

Jul 31, 2020


Jul 31 – Aug 6, 2020

Aug 7, 2020


Aug 7 – Aug 13, 2020

Aug 14, 2020


Aug 14 – Aug 20, 2020

Aug 21, 2020


Aug 21 – Aug 27, 2020

Aug 28, 2020


Aug 28 – Sept 3, 2020

Sept 4, 2020

5.       How can the Prepaid bonus credit be used?

·         On-net, off-net and international calls

·         Text messages to on-net, off-net, and international numbers

·         Roaming – Calls, SMS and data

·         Plan activations - Data, International, Roaming, PlayGo, MiFi, D’Music, and add-ons

N.B. Credit U transactions are not allowed from the Free Mobile Service for Life allowance.

The Eligible plans that customers can utilize with the Free Mobile Service are set out below in Table 3:

Table 3

Plan Name

2 Day 200MB + UNLTD Talk (Promo)

28 Day 2GB + UNLTD Talk

2 Day 340MB

2 Day Starter Plus

7 Day 500MB UNLTD Social + Talk (promo)

28 Day 2GB UNLTD Social + UNLTD Talk (Promo)

Int’l 1000  – 30d

Int’l 850 – 30d

Int’l 675 – 30d

Int’l 150 – 7d

2  Day  400MB  (MiFi Plan)

7 Day 1.2GB  (MiFi Plan)

14 Day 2.5GB (MiFi Plan)

28 Day 6.5GB ( MiFi Plan)

10GB+10GB Night-time (MiFi Plan)

Small 275MB

Medium 650MB

Large 1.3GB

6.    How will the monthly Postpaid bill write-off work?

a)    When the customer’s bill amounts to less than $20,000, the balance owing shall be cleared by Digicel.  The difference shall not be rolled over.

b)    Any sums in excess of the $20,000 write-off shall be the responsibility of the customer.  Digicel shall not pay the balance.

Additional Terms

a.     This Promotion is offered for your personal use and not for commercial use.

b.    We reserve the right to disqualify you or terminate this offer if, in our sole opinion, the Promotion is being abused.

c.     Eligible customers will remain in the promotion until their number is selected or the promotion ends, whichever occurs sooner. This means, unselected numbers will remain in the promotion pool for the remaining drawing cycles of the promotion. As such, a customer’s opportunity to win is not limited to the fortnightly period in which the upgrade was conducted. Eligible customers can only win once.

d.    If the customer does not want to participate in the promotion (for example, for religious reasons) or after three (3) consecutive failed attempts (reasonably spaced) at contacting the customer the Digicel representative shall contact the next potential winner. All prospective winners will be called and identified on the respective draw dates and in the order selected.

e.    Winners may be required to participate in any planned publicity in connection with this Promotion.  By entering the Promotion, the gift winner consents to the use of his or her name, likeness, image or photograph for any and all programming and/or publicity promotion or advertising purposes, commercial or otherwise, in all media and formats used by us or our agencies, without further compensation, throughout the entire world in perpetuity. If a winner refuses to do so, he/she will be deemed to forfeit their right to claim the gift. If the customer ports his or her number from the network, he/she will automatically lose the Free Mobile Service For Life benefit.

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