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Digicel Back To School Hunt Game’ Text To Win Competition


1.       The ‘DIGICEL’s BACK TO SCHOOL HUNT GAME TEXT COMPETITION’ (“the Competition”) is available to all Digicel customers (“the Customer”)

2.                   The Competition will run for approximately four (4) weeks starting from 12am September 2, 2019 to 11:59 pm on September 30, 2019 (“the Competition Period”).

3.                   The Competition is authorized under Section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act.

4.                   To enter the Competition the Customer must text “PLAY” to 4442424 at a cost of $15.

5.                   Upon texting the word “PLAY” you will be registered in Digicel’s “BACK TO SCHOOL HUNT Game” Text to Win Competition.

6.                   The objective of the game is to collect the most tokens & gain the most points to earn highest rank in order to win the major prizes.

7.                   Participants can send “B2S” TO 444-2425 at a cost $15 to accumulate top rank and to increase their chance of winning.  Once “B2S” is sent and charges are applied, customers will receive a SMS with a token and the associated points.

8.                   The Customer will be charged $15 to register for the competition. Once registered daily tokens will be sent and the Customer will be charged $15 for each token sent.

9.                   To unregister, the customer should text “EXIT” to 444-2425. There is no charge to unregister.

10.               Daily tokens will be sent at 10:00 am each day.  One token is sent to each registered customer each day at a cost of $15 per text.

11.               Customers receiving daily tokens must have sufficient credit on their phone to cover the cost of each token sent.  If they do not have sufficient credit, they will not receive their token for the day.

12.               The tokens and the points will be sent to the Customer are chosen at random.

13.               The Customer can play the game as many times as they wish.

14.               The competition will have the element of double, triple, 5Up, 10Up days, 20Up, 50Up, 100Up, 150Up, 200Up, 300Up, 400Up days & 500Up days.  On the Double day, participating subscribers will receive double the amount of points for the tokens received hence giving an increased chance to WIN. On the triple day, Digicel will give 3 times the amount of points for every token received on that day etc.

15.                The Overall Grand Prize (1st, 2nd or 3rd) is awarded on October 1, 2019 to the customers with the top 3 rank for the duration of the promotion (September 2, 2019 to September 30, 2019).

The prizes are as follows:



# of days

# of winners


Unit Cost

Total Cost

Weekly prizes



Alcatel Pixie 3 Tablet



1st place Grand Prize

1 day





2nd place Grand Prize

1 day





3rd place Grand Prize

1 day











16.   Potential winners must be able to correctly state the name of the current promotion “Digicel’s Back to school Hunt game”, in order to qualify for the prizes.

Type of Draw

Venue for Draw

Draw Date

September 2nd - 8th

Digicel Head Office; 14 Ocean Boulevard

September 9th

September 9th - 15th

Digicel Head Office; 14 Ocean Boulevard

September 16th

September 16th – 22nd

Digicel Head Office; 14 Ocean Boulevard

September 23rd

September 23rd - 29th

Digicel Head Office; 14 Ocean Boulevard

September 30th

Overall Grand Prize (1st, 2nd,  & 3rd )

Digicel Head Office; 14 Ocean Boulevard

October 1st

17.   Digicel will contact the winner by telephone on the day the winner is selected.

18.   There will be seven (7) winners of the draw for the Competition who will get the weekly and Grand Prize Packages.

19.   One prize package will be awarded weekly from Monday, September 9, 2019 to Monday, September 30, 2019. See draw table above.

20.   Three grand prize packages will be awarded on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 to the top 3 customers with the highest scores for the duration of the competition (September 2, 2019 to September 30, 2019). See draw table above.

21.   The top ranked player will be selected as the overall first grand prize winner. The overall second and third grand prize winner will be selected as the second and third top ranked players for the duration of the competition. This will be done until all the winners are selected

22.   A maximum of five (5) calls will be made to the selected winner within a period of an hour. If no response is received during that hour, another winner will be selected until a winner has been contacted.

23.   If no contact is made after the fifth attempts to the winners, NewCom will contact another winner from the ‘back-up’ list of 19 winners. This will be done for all winners’ selection.

24.   All winners will be contacted by Digicel and will be required to state the name of the current promotion “Digicel’s Back to School Hunt game”.

25.   The Winner will have thirty (30) days within which to collect their prizes after notification. Digicel will retain any prize not collected within the stipulated period.

26.   Prizes are to be collected from Digicel, 14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston.

27.   In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer remains bound by any other terms and conditions of use of any of Digicel’s other services including the general Terms and Conditions governing Digicel’s Data Services and Digicel Telephone Services.

28.   In the event the account of a Customer who is eligible to win any of the major prizes is the subject of a billing dispute in relation to the Competition as a result of fraud, erroneous charging, other technical problem that corrupts the administration, Digicel with the approval of Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission reserve to withhold the prize, terminate, cancel, suspend and/or modify the Competition until the disputed amount (and related charges) have been investigated.

29.   Winners must bring a valid government ID that is passport, voter’s id or driver’s licence and the phone number called in order to redeem the Prize Package.

30.   Digicel gives no warranty or guarantee that its network or services shall be continuous, or will be free from faults.  Digicel will, however, use its best endeavours to ensure its network and services are reasonably fault free, and that service is reasonably uninterrupted.

31.   Minors are eligible for this Competition but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when coming to redeem their prize. All winners must present the winning phone number called as well as a valid national government ID, in order to claim their prizes. Parents should present a valid national government ID as well as the child. In the case the child does not have a valid national government ID then a birth certificate or student ID will be acceptable.

32.   Digicel and Newcom employees, dealer principals or employees of any of our affiliated companies, advertising, Competition and public relations agencies, dealers, distributors and their immediate family members are not eligible for entry. For these purposes immediate family members are spouses, parents, siblings and children.

33.   Winners will be required to participate in any planned publicity in connection with this competition.  By entering the Competition, the prize winner consents to the use of his name, likeness, image, photograph for any and all programming and/or publicity or advertising purposes, commercial or otherwise, in all media and formats used by us or our agencies, without further compensation, throughout the entire world in perpetuity. If a winner refuses to do so, they forfeit their right to claim the prize.

34.   In the event that a disabled customer is selected, that customer will be allowed to have a representative collect the prize on his/her behalf. Providing that there is written consent. This written consent should be notarized by JP or Minister of Religion. In addition, a valid government identification of both the winner and the representative collecting the award must be presented to claim the prize.

35.   Digicel, with consultation and prior approval from the BGLC, reserves the right to at any time vary the terms of the Competition, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Competition. In any of these events notice will be given via media advertisements or messages to subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

36.   Digicel, with consultation and prior approval from the BGLC, reserves the right to terminate, cancel, suspend and/or modify the Competition if any fraud, virus or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, safety or proper play of the Competition. In such event, Digicel hereby specifically reserve the right (but not the obligation) to award some other prize hereunder (as determined by Digicel, with consultation and prior approval from the BGLC) by means of a random drawing from among the eligible entries received up until the time of the impairment.

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