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Christmas Promotion

Shake to Win


Start Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019

End Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Cheat Sheet:

Short Codes


My Digicel App or *147#


1.      What is the Digicel Shake to Win promotion about?

Digicel is giving prepaid, postpaid and home & entertainment customers more ways to win over $29 Million in Cash & Prizes in the Daily, Weekly and Grand Prize Giveaway!

2.      Who is eligible to enter the Christmas promotion?

All Digicel prepaid, postpaid or home & entertainment customers are eligible win in the promotion. Each qualifying activity listed below will only give customers 1 entry.

Prepaid Mobile

·         Prepaid customers who top up with $300 or more, or who receive a top up of $300 or more, locally or via a Diaspora channel

·        Customers who activate any of the eligible plans.

·        Customers who purchase a handset, MiFi device or SIM from an authorized Digicel Dealer store/agent

(Dealer agents will activate the Christmas Handset Offer and SIM Entries in the dealer GUI)

Prepaid 4G Broadband

·        Prepaid Broadband customers who top up with a single $300 or more, or receive a top up of $300 or more, locally or via a Diaspora channels and/or activates any of the eligible plans.


Postpaid GSM

·        Postpaid customers who:

o   Pay their bill on time and in full

o    Sign up for a Freedom Postpaid plan

o   Upgrade to a Freedom Postpaid plan

o   Buy select postpaid add-ons

o   Talks for ten (10) minutes (Customers earn 1 entry for each 10 minutes of accumulated talk time. The following dialling activities do not contribute towards accumulated talk time for an entry:

§  Zero-rated short codes

§  Voicemail

§  Customer Care

·        Customers who purchase any device will receive an entry (Dealer agents will be required to activate the Christmas Postpaid Handset Entries in the dealer GUI in order for the entry to be captured).

Postpaid 4G Broadband

·        4G broadband customers who pay their bill on time and in full.


Home and Entertainment

·         Home & Entertainment customers who activate a home entertainment bundle or Fibre internet plan except for Play 10.



3.      How does the Christmas promotion work?

a.     GSM customers:

·        Top up with $300 to earn 1 entry into the promotion 

o   NB. Cumulative top ups do not count toward entry into the promotion e.g. a customer topping up with $100 x 3  or Getting Credit U within 24 hours will not qualify for this promotion.

o   If a customer tops up with $1000, that customer will only receive 1 entry.

Qualifying Activity

# of Entries

Additional details

Top Up with a single top of 300 or More



Activate a Nuff Nuff data, Data + Unlimited talk, Unlimited Social + Talk




Device purchase






Shaking their device




The table below includes all the eligible plans that will give one (1) entry into the Shake to Win Christmas promotion.

Nuff Data & Talk

2 Day 250MB + UNLTD Talk


7 Day 600MB + UNLTD Talk


14 Day 1.2MB + UNLTD Talk


28 Day 5GB + UNLTD Talk

Nuff Nuff Data

2 Day 400MB

2 Day 350MB

7 Day 1.2GB

14 Day 2.5GB

28 Day 6GB

Unlimited Social +Talk

2 Day 400MB UNLTD Social + Talk

7 Day 1GB UNLTD Social + talk

14 Day 2GB UNLTD Social + talk

28 Day 4GB UNLTD Social + UNLTD Talk

28 Day 6GB UNLTD Social + UNLTD Talk

Stay Connected Plans

7 day Stay Connected Online Plan


7 day Stay Connected Retail Plan

14 day Stay Connected Online Plan


14 day Stay Connected Retail Plan


28 day Stay Connected Online Plan


28 day Stay Connected Retail Plan

·        For prepaid plan activations, customers will receive 1 entry for any eligible plan activation. Using Digi-loan to activate a plan will still qualify a customer.

·        Purchase of Handset or MIFI device from an authorized dealer store will give 1 entry into the promotion.

·        Purchase of a SIM from an authorized dealer will give 1 entry into the promotion

·        Top ups received locally from a Diaspora of $300 will give customers only 1 entry.

b.     4G Broadband Prepaid and Postpaid customers:

·        Top up with $300 to earn 1 entry.

·        Who paid bills in full and on time will receive 1 entry


c.      GSM Postpaid customers:

Qualifying Activity

# of Entries

Additional details

Postpaid Freedom Plan activation / Migration and



Purchase add-on



Talk 10 Minute



Pay Bill on time on full



Purchase any Device




·        Postpaid customers who migrate from a lower freedom to a higher freedom plan will get an entry into the promotion as per table above.

·        Customers on a legacy plan who migrate to a Freedom plan postpaid plans (Intro, Start, Core, Plus) will get an entry into the promotion as per table above.

·        Postpaid plan activation will give customers an entry into the promotion as per the table above

·        Postpaid customers who talk for 10 minutes will receive 1 entry. This can be accumulated talk time. This means customers can talk 5 minutes now, then another 5 minutes within the same day and receive 1 entry once it reaches 10 minutes. They will also receive another entry when they make another 10 minute call.

·        Postpaid GSM bills are due on the 27th of each month. Bills paid on-time and in full by the 27th of each month receive 1 entry in to the promotion.

·        Postpaid customers who purchase a device will also receive 1 entry into the promotion. Devices include handsets as well as MiFi devices.

d.     Home & Entertainment customers

·       New Home Entertainment bundle or internet plan activations will give customers an entry into the promotion.

Qualifying Activity

Entries mapping

# of Entries

New Home & Entertainment bundle subscription or Fibre Internet-only plans



Pay bill on time and in full

1 entry every time bill is paid on time and in  full by the due date of each month during the promotion


·       Customers who pay their Home & Entertainment bill on time and in full will receive 1 entry in the Christmas promotion.

4.      Are any plan activation types excluded from the promotion?


See the table at 3a for all the eligible plans.

Home & Entertainment

·        Customers who activate a Play 10 bundle will not earn entries into the Christmas promotion

·        Customers who activate a TV only plan will not earn entries into the Christmas promotion.

5.      What is the promotional period for the Christmas promotion?

The Christmas promotion will run from Thursday, November 21, 2019 12:00AM through to Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:59PM.

6.      How will customers be able to upgrade their postpaid plans from MDA?

No. Customers will not be able to upgrade their postpaid plan via the My Digicel App. Customers who wish to upgrade their postpaid plan from Legacy tp Freedom or to a higher Freedom plan can send an email with their name, phone number and their plan of choice along with verification to . A response will be sent within 24hours.

7.      If credit U is sent to a customer’s account will they be qualified?

No. Credit U transactions are not eligible to enter the promotion. 

8.      What are the Prizes for the Christmas promotion?

Digicel’s Shake to Win promotion will offer several prizes. Daily prizes will comprise of the MyDigicel App Shake it promotion ONLY.

NB. The overall raffle promotion will only have weekly prizes and a grand prize.

Daily Prizes (My Digicel App Shake it):



o   $108 bonus credit

o   Data Nights plan

o   60minutes for Digicel calls

o   30 Day d’Music Premium Access + 1GB data

o   100MB Data Add-on

o   1GB data add-on

o   One (1) free Entry into the Christmas Raffle promotion.


o   $200 write off on monthly bill

o   30 day d’Music Premium Access + 1GB data

o   500MB Data Add-on

o   1GB data add-on

o   Ten (10) free Entry into the Christmas Raffle promotion.


Note: Home & Entertainment customers are not eligible for the Daily giveaway

Daily prizes have to do with the My Digicel App Shake It promotion. More information can be found in the ‘Shake it Promotion FAQ’


Weekly Prizes:

1 winner of $200,000 cash

3 winners of a Samsung A80



Grand Prizes:

1 winner of $10,000,000 cash

1 winner of Digicel Family Pack, this includes:

1 Year free postpaid service (up to 4 postpaid lines)

2 Samsung Note

2 Samsung A80.

9.      How do customers enter the Postpaid and Home Entertainment prize pool?

Postpaid customers will earn an entry for the postpaid prize pool once they have completed a qualifying activity as per Question 3c.

Home & Entertainment customers will earn an entry for the H&E prize pool once they have completed a qualifying activity per Question 3d.

10.   Will customers be notified when they have gained an entry?

Prepaid customers will be notified via text message when they add a qualifying amount ($300 or more) and activated any of the eligible plans.

“Congrats! You’ve received 1 entry in the Shake to Win with Digicel promo. For more info, go to or Text 113 to 137”.

Postpaid customers will not be notified for any of the entry methods.

11.   If a customer tops up and repay their outstanding loan, will they still receive the entry if the remaining amount does not reach the qualifying amount?

Yes. Once the customer does a single top up of $300, whether some of it is used to repay a loan, the customer will still receive their entry into the Shake to win promotion.

12.    Will customers know when they are a selected winner?

Qualifying customers will be randomly selected and contacted by a Digicel Customer Care rep or automated voice system in the order they were selected. These customers will then be required to correctly answer a question in order to win the prize.

If a customer does not answer the question correctly, we will move on to the next qualifying customer for the correct answer until the total number of winners for that draw have been reached.

13.   How often are customers allowed to enter the Christmas promotion?

Customers can enter the Christmas promotion as often as they desire. The more qualifying activities that a customer completes, the more entries they will earn into the Christmas promotion.

14.   Where can a customer view a full list of qualifying activities for the Christmas promotion?

Customers can visit the Digicel Jamaica website at to view a detailed list of all qualifying activities for the promotion, number of entries received per activity, FAQs and Terms & Conditions.

15.   What are the draw dates for the Christmas promotion?


Grand Prize Draw: December 24, 2019 at 12:00am


Each Friday, starting November 29, 2019, 100 hundred (100) weekly qualifying entries will be randomly selected by Raffle Manager. Qualifying participants will be contacted by a Digicel representative (Customer Care Agent) in the order they were selected and asked the question “What is the name of Digicel’s Christmas promotion”.  The first customer who says “Shake More, Win More” on the first attempt, without being prompted will be awarded the prize. The draw dates for the weekly prizes are as follow:


Weekly draw


Qualification Period

Draw Date


November 21, 2019 12:00AM to November 28, 2019 11:59PM

November 29, 2019


November 29, 2019 12:00AM to December 5, 2019 11:59PM

December 6, 2019


December 6, 2019 12:00AM to December 12, 2019 11:59PM

December 13, 2019


December 13, 2019 12:00AM to December 19, 2019 11:59PM

December 20, 2019


December 20, 2019 12:00AM to December 26, 2019 11:59PM

December 27, 2019



16.   If a customer is contacted by a Digicel rep and have won, where would the prize be collected?


Prize winners will be required to collect same from the Digicel Head Office, located at 14 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston or another location that is advised on the date specified.

17.   If a customer is contacted and they have won, how long do they have to collect their prize?

Customers are required to collect their prize within fourteen (14) days of being contacted.


18.    What will customers need in order to claim their prize?

Winners must present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, voters’ identification card or driver’s license) and the Digicel SIM card to which the credit was added or the calls were made from. If customers have won a Home and Entertainment prize then a home & Entertainment bill must be presented along with the government issued ID.

19.   If a customer was called, but they have missed the call?

In order to win the prize, customers are required to speak with the Digicel representative.

If the call is unanswered then the attempt has failed. A failed attempt includes calls that are unanswered, calls that go to the voicemail or if the phone is turned off.

Three (3) attempts, within an hour, will be made to contact each customer that is chosen.

If all three (3) attempts fail, then another potential winner is selected.



20.  Will customers under the age of eighteen (18) years old be able to participate in the promotion?  

Yes. Minors under the age of 18 years, are eligible for this Promotion.

21.  What should customers do if they have won and they are under 18 years old?

If the customer has won and they are under 18 years old, they will be required to be escorted by a parent or guardian with a valid photo ID when visiting the office to collect their prize package. The parent or guardian must also have a valid government issued photo ID along with the winning sim Card.

22.  Are there any other special promotion/Offers for Christmas Promotion?

Prepaid and Postpaid Customers: There is the MyDigicel App Shake It Promotion where customers would shake their phones for a chance of winning a daily prize.

Home and Entertainment customer

For H&E customers this Christmas will be given the below offer which is: :  More Movies, More Sports, More Coverage. Customers are not required to do anything, this offer is given to all H&E customers during the period of November 15, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

More Movies

·        Free Christmas Channel/ Christmas VOD

·        50% off HBO

·        50% off Max

·        50% off Movies+

More Sports

·        Free SportsMax

·        Free NBA

·        Free RUSH

More Coverage

·        Free Wi-Fi Router (D-Link) too new internet only and bundle customer


Postpaid Rules for the Christmas promotion

·        Customers on Legacy plans can switch to Freedom plans

·        Customers on Freedom plans can switch to other Freedom plans

·        Customers on Freedom plans cannot return to any Legacy plan after migration

·        Customers will be able to migrate at any point in time however, it is recommended that migration occurs at the start or the end of the month to ensure customer maximises on the benefit of their existing plan or get most of their allotment on the new plan

·        Deposit variance for new plan is to be charged to the customer’s bill. i.e. customers switching from Postpaid Start to Postpaid Core with current deposit of $3,300 will be charged an additional $2,200 to their bill and placed towards their deposit. Charge will be applied manually by Customer Care.


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