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1.      The Digicel DigiLoan service (‘the Offer’) is available to selected Prepaid Customers only (‘Customers’).

2.      The Offer became available to Customers on January 30, 2015 and will remain available until otherwise terminated or withdrawn by Digicel (the “Validity Period”).

3.       DigiLoan is a “borrow and pay back” service which allows Customers to “borrow” credit for designated calls, text messages or plan purchases or as determined by Digicel and “payback” the amount borrowed plus a transaction fee. DigiLoan consists of the credit borrowed (the ‘loan’) and a transaction fee, both of which the Customer is obligated to repay in full from their subsequent top ups.  

4.       Customers will receive a text message from Digicel which will advise them of their eligibility to access the Offer for a pre-determined amount based on the customer’s usage on the network. The Customer may receive such text messages at any time during the Validity Period subject to the following rules:

  • Effective March 27, 2020 customers will be charged a transaction fee of 10% of the loan amount for each loan taken by the customer 
  • The amount of the loan in addition to the transaction fee will be deducted from the Customer’s Main account on the next top up immediately following the loan and each successive top-up thereafter until both the loan and the transaction fee are fully repaid.
  • The loan  balance is not transferable and may not be used for Credit-U service;
  • All calls made from the loan balance will be charged in accordance with the prevailing rates, charges and taxes applicable to the prepaid plan to which the Customer is subscribed:
  • A customer may have multiple outstanding loans, provided that the total of all borrowings does not exceed their maximum loan limit.
  • A Customer will not be eligible for and have access to the Digiloan unless the Customer’s account has been active on the network for at least 30 days.
  • Once a DigiLoan is taken,  the customer has 30-days to repay,  failing which the loan becomes overdue and is  considered a bad debt;
  • Should a loan become a bad debt, the Customer is still liable to repay the loan however once the loan is  repaid, the Customer will be barred from taking another DigiLoan for thirty (30) days;
  • If a Customer has an outstanding DigiLoan, Customer may be restricted from porting his/her number.
  • If a Customer has an outstanding DigiLoan and wishes to migrate to a post-paid package, Customer must first settle all outstanding amounts before they are able to convert.

5.      DigiLoan (loan amount only) can only be used for:

  • Local  Digicel calls;
  • Local off-net calls to other networks;
  • Digicel Regional calls;
  • Calls to USA, Canada, Spain, China, UK and India (landlines only);
  • Text messages (local and international destinations); and
  • Purchasing of subscription based plans (e.g. international calling plans, data plans, etc…).

6.      Repayment of DigiLoan can be made from regular top up methods (by card and/or electronic vouchers) and also from Online topups and topups from Retail locations overseas. DataFlex top-ups are not eligible for DigiLoan repayments. Receipt of a Credit-U qualifies for repayment of a DigiLoan.

7.      DigiLoan exclusions:

  • Customers will not be able to access the Offer  while roaming; however,  if the Customer has an outstanding DigiLoan balance it will be deducted from any top up made whilst roaming;
  • DigiLoan cannot be used for Pay As You Go (PAYGO) or overage data usage, premium services such as text to win, DigInfo etc;
  • Calls and texts made from the loan do not qualify for Gimme 5 benefits.
  • Receipt of a Digiloan does not qualify customers for top up based promotions e.g. Prepaid Free Nights, First Top up of the month bonus andother top up based promotions. 

8.    To access the Offer, Customers are required to dial USSD code*147*119# or *147# send, and select from the available loan amounts where applicable.

9.    Only selected customers who qualify for a DigiLoan will have loan amounts available to borrow. Digicel is not obligated to disclose the qualification mechanism used.

10.   Customers who have declined to receive SMS Messaging from Digicel will be unable to access this Offer.

11.   Customers may check the amount taken on a DigiLoan by dialing *120*190#

12.   Digicel reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, to vary the terms and conditions of the Offer, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Offer. In the event of Digicel giving notice to Customers of any such changes to withdrawal or cancellation of the Offer, it shall suffice for Digicel to give Customers notice via messages to Customer handsets or to post such notification on Digicel’s website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

13.   The general Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between Digicel and Digicel FLEX Customers remain applicable in addition to any other terms and conditions of use of any of Digicel’s other services including such as  Digicel’s data service and Prepaid Calling plans. 

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Terms and Conditions for Digicel's DigiLoan