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Unlimited Talk Fair Usage Policy for Freedom Postpaid FAQ

Launch Date:  November 1, 2019

1.      What is the Unlimited Talk Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

In order to maintain high-quality of service and reliability at all times, we have introduced a Fair Usage Policy. This policy allows each customer normal and reasonable usage per of our Unlimited offer. In doing so, it allows us to provide more proportionate use of the network to all customers, by disallowing a few users from excessive consumption to the disadvantage of others.

2.      How will Fair Usage affect the customer’s plan?

Customers on any of the Freedom Postpaid plans, excluding Postpaid Plus, will be subject to the FUP conditions of usage.

3.      When was the Fair Usage policy to be implemented?

The Unlimited Talk Fair Usage Policy was implemented on November 1, 2019.

N.B. Customers on an active plan after launch will experience prorated Fair Usage Policy minutes for the current month. Once the new bill cycle begins, they will receive the full Fair Usage allotment.

4.      Why has Digicel implemented a FUP for unlimited calling?

We want our customers to enjoy making calls. Our FUP is there to ensure that they have the best calling experience. There might be a few customers who use so many minutes that they adversely affect the quality of service for other customers.

To ensure that everyone gets the right experience from their chosen plan, we continuously monitor usage and apply a Fair Usage cap based on available network resources and acceptable levels of network quality.

5.      What will be the charges when a customer reaches the Fair Usage cap?

When customers reach the Fair Usage cap for their plan, they will be charged the overage rate as outlined below:


Call Rate/Min

Call Rate with TCT

To Digicel Mobile



To Digicel Corporate Fixed Lines



To Digicel Play



To Flow Mobile



To Flow Landlines



International incl. USA, Can & UK (fixed)



National Toll Free 1-888-xxxx ***



Calls to Directory Assistance(114)***



Calls to Check Weather (116)***



Calls to Speaking Clock (117)***



Personal numbers (363)



6.      Will unused Fair Usage voice minutes roll over from the previous month into the new bill cycle?

No, the Fair Usage Policy will not rollover when the new billing cycle has started.

7.      What will be the Fair Usage for the Freedom Postpaid plans?

The fair usage applied to the plans will vary based on the customer’s existing plan and their usage.

8.      Is there a Fair Usage Policy notification for calls?

Yes, notifications will be sent via SMS once customers have reached 95% of the Fair Usage limit and 100% of the Fair Usage limit.

9.      Will customers receive notifications when they will be charged the overage rate for calls?

Yes. Customers will be notified when they are approaching and have reached the fair usage cap and is about to be charged overage for both on-net and off-net. The zero Fair Usage notification alert will advise customers that they will be charged for making calls.

10.   What type of calls are impacted by the Fair Usage Policy for each Freedom Postpaid Plan?

The Policy will affect the following type of calls as outlined below:

·         Digicel Mobile

·         Digicel Fixed

·         Flow Mobile

·         Flow Fixed

11. Is Fair Usage Policy applicable to all Postpaid plans?

No.  Fair Usage is applicable to all Freedom Postpaid Plans except Postpaid Plus.

12. How can customers benefit from free calls after exhausting FUP?

Freedom Postpaid customers will be able to continue making calls at the prevailing rates stated above if they purchase any of the voice add-ons listed below:




Destinations Included

50 Anywhere Minutes

50 Minutes


Local Digicel

Local Flow



UK Landlines

250 Anywhere Minutes

250 Minutes


500 Anywhere Minutes

500 Minutes


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Unlimited Talk Fair Usage Policy - Postpaid