25% More Data Promotion FAQ

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25% More Data Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the “25% More Data Promotion”?

An excellent offer of 25% MORE bonus data for all prepaid customers who activate a 7-Day plan or longer, in the MyDigicel app. 

2.    How does the 25% More Data work?

Once you activate a 7-Day or longer plan via the MyDigicel app, you get 25% MORE data in addition to the data allotment of your activated data plan.

3.    Will I get the 25% bonus data if the data plan is activated via*147#?

No. You are required to activate an eligible plan via the MyDigicel app to benefit from the 25% bonus data offer. 

4.    What are the data plans eligible for the 25% bonus data offer?

Eligible data plans:



Nuff Nuff Data


7 Day 1.2GB


14 Day 2.5GB


28 Day 6GB


Nuff Data + UNLTD Talk


7 Day 600MB + Unlimited Talk


14 Day 1.2GB + Unlimited Talk


28 Day 2GB  + Unlimited Talk


28 Day 5GB + Unlimited Talk


Unltd Social+Talk


7 Day 500MB Unlimited Social + talk plan (promo)


7 Day 1GB Unlimited Social + talk plan


14 Day 2GB Unlimited Social + talk plan


28 Day 2GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan (promo)


28 Day 4GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan


28 Day 6GB  Unlimited Social + talk plan


MiFi Plans


7 Day 1.2GB  (MiFi Plan)


14 Day 2.5GB (MiFi Plan)


28 Day 6.5GB( MiFi Plan)


10GB+10GB Night-time (MiFi Plan)***


Quick Pick Plans


Small 275MB


Medium 650MB


Large 1.3GB


X-LARGE 4.3GB Quick Pick Bundle


XX-LARGE 6GB Quick Pick Bundle


Social+YT Plans


14 Day Social+YT Plan


28 Day Social+YT Plan


Education Plan


14 Day Education Plan




5.   How long will the bonus data last? 

Your bonus data will be valid for the duration of the activated plan.

6.    Who is eligible for this 25% more data?

This fantastic offer is for all prepaid customers.

7.    Am I required to claim the 25% bonus data?

No, your 25% bonus data will be automatically applied to your account.

8.    Will the 25% bonus data rollover if another eligible plan is repurchased?

Definitely. The 25% bonus data will rollover.

9.    Can the bonus data be transferred?

No. The bonus data is non-transferrable.

10. Will I be notified when the bonus data is received?

Yes. You will receive a notification advising that the bonus data is applied to your account.

11. How do I check my bonus data?

That’s easy. Simply dial *120*9# to check your bonus balance or via the MyDigicel app.

12. What can the bonus data be used to do?

The bonus data can be used to access anything on the Internet.

13. Will the 25% bonus data auto-renew?

No. It will not auto-renew. 




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25% More Data Promotion FAQ