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What is a set top box?

Your Set Top Box, also known as STB, is a state of the art compact device given to you at installation in order to connect your TV and/or multiscreen devices to your new Digicel Play TV service.

What is parental control?

Parental Control allows you to control the type of content available to be viewed by programme rating, time or channel.

What is Digicel Play TV?

Digicel Play TV delivers the sharpest digital quality channel whether standard or high definition channels, more HD channels than anywhere plus more interactive and personalised features to your home over the only fibre to the home network in Jamaica.

How do I find what’s on TV?

You can press the TV Guide button on your remote OR press the Menu button then highlight TV Guide and press OK. You can then press the Blue button on your remote to Search for your favourite programming by actor, actress, title, even director!

What is the difference between the Mini-Guide and the TV Guide?

The Mini-Guide gives you a quick look at the TV programme schedule by either 2 or 5 channels at a time. The TV Guide also shows the programming schedule, but can display 5 or 9 channels at a time. You can search for your favourites while using either guide by pressing the Blue button on your remote. You can change the view of the Guides and move from one Guide to another by pressing the Yellow button on your remote.

How do I set my Favourite channels?

You can add channels to your Favourites by first highlighting the channel in either the Mini-Guide or the TV Guide menu and then pressing the * button on your remote. A heart will appear next to the channel indicating that it has been added.

How do I find other features on Digicel Play?

You can find other features by selecting the Menu Button on your remote. You can also press the Red button for Recordings, the Green button to Lock/Unlock channels, the Yellow button to change your Mini and TV Guide views, and the Blue button to search for Live TV or on Demand content.

What is Digicel Play Multiscreen?

Digicel Play Multiscreen provides you with the ability to watch and experience all the great content of your Play TV service on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices in your home. To access our multi-screen function, you will need to subscribe to both a Digicel Play TV and Fibre Internet service.

What is an Account ID and PIN?

Your Account ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are the username and password entered on initial set up of your Digicel Play TV service and can be found on the inside front cover of your ‘Getting Started Guide’. Your Account ID and Account PIN will also be needed to sign in to the Digicel Play Multi-screen app should you subscribe to this feature.

What is a Play TV PIN?

Your Play TV PIN is the PIN used to set Parental Controls (lock/unlock channels, set TV ratings & time restrictions) or purchase On Demand content.

What is Parental Control?

Parental Control is a feature which limits access to age inappropriate content. You are able to block by programme Rating, set a time to enforce Rating Restrictions, and Lock specific channels - all by using your Play TV PIN.

How do I change my Parental Control password?

Your Parental Control password is the same as your Play TV Pin. This can be changed by going to Settings, Parental Control, then scrolling down to Change Your Play PIN. You will be prompted to enter your current Play TV PIN, which should be written on the inside cover of the Guide To Getting Started the technician left in your home when you were installed. In the event that you forget or are unable to find your Play TV PIN, you can contact Customer Care at 1(888) 935-5050.

What is a Personal Video Recorder (PVR)?

PVR is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that allows you to store up to 200 hours of recorded content on the Digicel network, or cloud, and then watch it at your convenience from any Set Top Box in your home.

How do I record a movie or show?

You can record a movie or show from Live TV by highlighting the content you wish to record in the Mini or TV Guide, then pressing the Red button on your remote. You are also able to view your Recordings & Scheduled Recordings by pressing the Menu button on your remote and selecting Recordings.

What is On Demand?

On Demand is a library of free and paid content that you can browse or watch at any time. You can also pause, rewind or fast-forward your selected content. To access On Demand press the On Demand button on your remote.

How do I access Picture in Picture?

Picture in Picture or PiP will come up automatically once you begin to navigate channels in the Mini-Guide. PiP is also available with the 5 channel view of the TV Guide.

What is Time Shift TV?

Time Shift TV allows you to Pause or Rewind Live TV for up to 2 hours. This is available to all Digicel Play TV customers at no additional cost. Time Shift TV is not available on Live Radio or Mosaic channels.

How will I know when I am in Time Shift mode?

Time Shift is indicated by a progress bar that appears when you press Pause or Rewind. Indicators are presented on screen as long as Time Shift is enabled.

Can I change channels while using Time Shift?

If you change a channel that is in Time Shift mode then return to that channel, Time Shift will no longer be enabled; however, you will be able to Rewind for up to 2 hours from the time you return to the channel.

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