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Recordings FAQ
What is Recordings?

Recordings is your personal video recorder (PVR) that allows you to store up to 200 hours of recorded content so that you can watch your favourite shows whenever you want.

How do I record a show?

It's easy! First highlight the programme on the TV Guide and then press the red button on your remote control.

Can I record a series?

Yes! If the programme you have chosen to record is part of a series, you will be given the option to record only that episode or the series. To record the series, make sure it is highlighted and press OK

Where can I see a list of all Recordings?

To see all recordings, press the Menu button on your remote and then scroll to Recordings or press the My TV button on your remote.

Where can I see how much recording storage space is available?

Press the Main menu button on your remote and then scroll to Recordings. From there, you will see a bar on the top right hand corner showing the total amount of cloud storage space already used and the amount still available.