Parental Control FAQ

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Parental Control FAQ
What is Parental Control?

Parental Control is a feature that allows you to control the type of content that can be viewed in your home by Rating, Time or Channel.

How do I lock a channel?

It's easy! Simply press the green button once you have highlighted the channel you want to lock on the TV guide and then enter your TV PIN. A lock icon appear next to the channel name indicating that the channel has been locked.

How do I unlock a channel?

Simply highlight the channel that is locked on the TV guide - you will see a lock icon next to the channel name - and then press the green button on your Digicel remote followed by your TV PIN. The lock icon will disappear indicating that the channel is now unlocked.

How do I watch a channel that is locked?

To watch a channel that has been locked, you will need to enter your four digit TV PIN.

How do I find my TV PIN?

Your TV PIN is automatically set to 0000 at the time of installation. If you have changed your PIN and cannot remember it today, simply call our customer care team at 145 from your Digicel mobile or dial 888-935-5050 and we'd be happy to help.

Why can't I watch a show even though the channel is not locked?

Our parental control setting lets you control the type of content that can be viewed by channel, rating or time. This programme might be blocked because it meets or exceeds the set rating restriction and as such requires your TV PIN in order to watch.

What is a rating restriction?

If a programme meets or exceeds your set rating restriction; for example, NC-17 then you will need to enter your TV PIN before being allowed to watch that programme.

How do I manage the rating and time restrictions?

Watch our video to see how you can easily set or change your rating & time restrictions?

What is time restrictions?

Your set rating restriction will apply all day by default. However, you can change the time during which programmes meeting your set rating restriction are blocked. For example 9pm to 12pm

Will my parental control setting apply to On Demand?

Of course! We want to ensure only content that you want made available in your home is accessible so your parental control settings will apply to content meeting your set criteria including our Adult library

Will my Parental control feature apply to my multi-screen devices?

Yes! Once you have logged in with your Account ID and Password, the same parental control settings for your TV service will be applied to all connected devices.

Parental Control FAQ