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On Demand
What is On Demand?

On Demand is a huge library of free and paid content that will allow you to turn every night into a movie night at home. Browse and watch the latest movies, series, kids shows and more whenever you want.

How do I access On Demand?

To go to the On Demand menu, simply press the On Demand button on your Digicel remote.

Do I have to pay extra to watch On Demand content?

We offer both a FREE and Paid library. To watch content from our FREE library, all you need to do is select what you want to watch and then click 'Watch Now' at no charge.

If you choose to watch a programme from our On Demand Purchase library, you will need to enter your TV PIN and be within your assigned credit limit. Any charges associated with On Demand will appear on your next Digicel bill.

Can I rewind and fast-forward On Demand content?

Of course! You can fast-forward, rewind, pause and play On Demand content to match your schedule.

How do I find what I want to watch in On Demand?

Our On Demand is always being updated with new content. To find what you want to watch, simply use one of the below features:

  • Press the Yellow button on your remote to filter the On Demand library by genre or year
  • Press the Blue button on your remote to search by actor, director or title
  • Choose one of the categories at the top of the On Demand menu to search Top 10, New, Last Chance, FREE plus much more


On Demand