Digicel Multiscreen TV FAQs

Digicel Multiscreen TV FAQs

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Multi-Screen FAQ
What is Multi-screen?

Watch all the channels included in your Digicel TV plan from any room in your home once you have download the Digicel Multi-screen app to your smartphone or tablet. Our Multi-screen feature is included with all Digicel Fibre TV & Internet bundles for no additional charge.

Can I access Multi-screen without subscribing to a Fibre TV plan?

To access Multi-screen, you must subscribe to both a Digicel Fibre TV and Fibre Internet plan. To sign up, dial 145 from your Digicel mobile or call 888-935-5050 from any number

Do I have to pay for Multi-screen?

Great news! Digicel Multi-screen is available at no additional charge to all Digicel customers with a Fibre TV & Internet bundle.

How do I find the Multi-screen app?

Digicel Multiscreen is currently only available for iOS and Android devices. To download the app, visit your app store, search for Digicel Multi-screen then click install. You will need to be connected to Digicel Wi-fi and subscribe to both a Digicel Fibre TV and Internet plan in order to watch.

Where do I find my log in details for Digicel Multi-screen?

Your Account ID and Account Password can be found on the inside cover of your Guide to Getting Started. Can't find your guide, just give us a call at 145 from your Digicel mobile or dial 888-935-5050 and we'd be happy to help.

Can I use Digicel Multi-screen without an internet connection?

To access Multiscreen, your smartphone or tablet will need to be connected to a Digicel Wifi.

Is Multi-screen available for my laptop?

Multi-screen is currently not available for laptop devices; however, you can access Multi-screen using other wi-fi enabled devices such as your smartphone or tablet.

What are some of the features of Digicel Multi-screen?

With Multi-screen, you can still enjoy many of the great features included with your Digicel TV service such as:


  • Watch Live TV
  • Pause & Rewind Live TV
  • Schedule a Recording (including series recordings)
  • Set a Reminder
  • Set your favourite channels
  • Browse and watch On Demand content

Can I use Multi-screen outside of my home?

Currently, Multi-screen is only available within the home and must be connected to your Digicel WiFi. Stay tuned as we continue to add more features!

Digicel Multiscreen TV FAQs