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Time Shift FAQ
What is Time Shift?

Time Shift TV is a great feature that allows you to Pause, Rewind and even fast forward Live TV within a two (2) hour time period. Time Shift TV is available to all Digicel TV customers at no additional cost.

How do I access Time Shift?

Simply press the 'Pause' or 'Rewind' button on your Digicel remote while watching Live TV.

Is Time Shift available for all channels?

Time Shift is available for all Live TV channels except for Radio channels and interactive channels; such as Mosaic.

Can I use Time Shift on radio channels?

Time Shift is not available for radio channels due to the fact that these programmes are provided from a live radio feed and not a video feed.

How far can I rewind once in Time Shift mode?

You can rewind up to two hours of Live TV; so missing the start of the game or interruptions during your favourite shows are no longer a big deal.

How will I know if I am in Time Shift mode

You will see a progress bar, play or pause icon appear on screen to indicate if you are rewinding, watching or pausing TV at the moment.

Do I have to pay for Time Shift?

Great News! Time Shift is available for all of our TV customers at no additional cost.

How long can I pause a show?

You can pause your favourite shows for up to two (2) hours.

How do I return to normal programming?

Simply press the stop or back button on your Digicel remote to return to Live TV.

Can I change channels while using Time Shift?

Yes but remember, if you change channels you will be returned to Live TV programming.

Digicel Time Shift