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Allowance & Extras

All packages offer unlimited on-net minutes (calls to other Digicel Home numbers). Anywhere minutes are allotted as follows:

  • PlayFast, PlayLoud, PlayBold                    200 Minutes
  • PlayStrong, PlayBIG                                1000 Minutes


To view applicable rates for calls made outside of your current service, click here.

Calls to Digicel Toll Free numbers (1-888 935 xxxx) are free

Calls to Other Toll Free numbers (1-888 xxx xxxx) are $5/min

NPVR is short for Network Personal Video Recorder which allows you to record your favorite shows/programs to be watched at your convenience. This feature is added to your account at signup and attracts no initial cost for the first 3 months of service. Thereafter you are billed at $1000(+Tax) monthly.

Sure. You can add additional set top boxes to your monthly subscription by simply contacting our Customer Care team who will be happy to assist.

We have a number of different channel packages and additional premium add ons that’s can be added to customize your Digicel package. You can also increase the speed of your internet connection and add extra minutes for your Home Phone Plan. For details of all our packages please click here.

Our easy to use remote control puts the power in you hand so you can watch TV the way you want!
The cost for the new remote is JMD $2000 +GCT and can be purchased at the locations below;
  1. Fimi Wireless- Iconic, Downtown
  2. Fimi Wireless- Pavillion Mall, Kingston
  3. Fimi Wireless- Portmore, St Catherine
  4. Matate Tropical
  5. Matate Sovereign, Ligueanea
  6. Cellishac Losushan, Barbican
  7. Cellishac, Manor Park
  8. Global Cross Roads
  9. Megamart, Portmore
  10. Megamart, Waterloo
  11. Happy Konnections- Sovereign Village, Portmore
  12. Cellular Jamaica, Spanish Town
  13. Anbell, New Kingston