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My 5 & My 10 Add-Ons 

You can now build your own Premium package of channels without taking on higher end packages that you may not be able to afford long term. Channel packages can be selected in bundles of 5 or 10 channels from the list of approved channels for a monthly fee. This My 5 & My 10 Add-Ons can be used as an add-on at any point during the customer life cycle or can be added at point of sale.  Downgrades or channel changes are not allowed before a minimum of 30 days.  Upgrades from a My 5 to My 10 can be done at any point however the customer must maintain the 5 channels in the My 5 they previously had for at least 30 days. Customers can have a My 5, multiple My 10 packages or a combination of My 5 and My 10 packages. 


There are currently 39 channels of which you can “PICK 5”, “PICK 10” or multiple combinations of channels.

  1. Game Show Network 
  2. E!
  3. Bravo 
  4. Comedy TV (HD)
  5. Recipe TV (HD)
  6. CARS TV (HD)
  7. My Destination TV (HD) 
  8. Pet TV (HD)
  9. AWE TV (HD)
  10. UNIVISION East 
  11. Golf Channel 
  12. NBC Sports Network 
  13. Al Jazeera
  14. AXS TV 
  15. Baby First TV 
  16. BBC World 
  17. BET Jams 
  18. Bloomberg 
  19. Caribvision 
  20. Cooking Channel 
  21. DIY
  22. Euronews 
  23. FLOW Sports 
  24. Food Network 
  25. FOX Business Network 
  26. FOX News Channel 
  27. HGTV
  28. I-Sat
  29. MAVTV
  30. MTV Live
  31. NHK World 
  32. Nick Jnr
  33. Outdoor Channel 
  34. Revolt TV 
  35. Travel 
  36. Tru TV
  37. VH1 Souls 
  38. VH1 Lat Am 
  39. World Fishing 

There are currently only 2 packages – “MY 5” and “MY 10”.  You can however activate multiple combinations of same until 39 channels are acquired. 


My 5 & My 10 Add-Ons Prices
My 5 $799.00
My 5 & My 10 Add-Ons
My 5
My 10 $1,499.00
My 5 & My 10 Add-Ons
My 10

N.B. Customers can only add channels in multiples of 5/ 10 i.e. a customer is not able to add 4, 7, 8 or 11 etc. channels.


Channels Added Price
5 $799.00
Channels Added
10 $1,499.00
Channels Added
15 $2,298.00
Channels Added
20 $2,998.00
Channels Added
25 $3,797.00
Channels Added
30 $4,497.00
Channels Added
35 $5,296.00
Channels Added
40 $5,996.00
Channels Added
  • This offer is available to all residential Digicel Home Entertainment new & existing customers with a bundle or TV package.
  • To add a My 5 or My 10 Add-On package customer’s account has to be in good standing i.e. no overdue balances or barred.
  • Existing customers can opt into a My 5 or My 10 Add-On package by dialling 145 and requesting channels from list or available channels and same will be added. 
  • New customers can avail of My 5 or My 10 Add-On package by requesting same from sales rep upon sign up with the list of channels requested.  Same will be made available upon installation.
  • Channels become available on-screen within 1 hour of order being signed off and billing takes effects when channels are added.
  • Customer must keep any channel add-on once completed for 30 days before it can be removed.
  • Upgrades can be facilitated at any time however the customer must maintain the 5 channels or any channels added within the last 30 days until 30 days have been completed before they can be changed.
  • Customers can have multiple MY 5 or My 10 packages or combination of My 5 and My 10 packages.
  • Package names will be viewable on the customer invoice however the list of channels subscribed to can only be made available through Customer Care.
  • The product is available through all sales channels.
  • Digicel Home Entertainment reserves the right at its sole choosing to exclude any customer from this offer.
  • Other Digicel Terms & Conditions apply.

What is a My 5 or My 10 Add-On package?

Effective September 25, 2017, Digicel gives customers the option to select in blocks of 5 channels from a list of 39 channels for their viewing pleasure.


What is the minimum duration that channels have to be kept?

Once applied, channels must be kept for a minimum of 30 days before packages can be downgraded or channels can be changed.   


What if I want to add on channels but want to do so in blocks not of 5?

Channels can only be added in blocks of 5.  Should an attempt be made to not complete a block of 5 same cannot be signed-off.


What if a customer wants a channel that is not within the available listing?

Unfortunately, blocks of 5 channels can only be added from the list of available channels.  Whether Digicel Home Entertainment has the channel or not the channel can only be chosen from the list of available channels.


Can I switch channels at any point from the available listing?

The only restriction of channel swaps is that channels must be maintained for a minimum of 30 days.


If I switch addresses will my My 5 or My 10 Add-On package still be available?

Once this follows the move and transfer process any channels/ services available at the previous address will be available at the new service address.


If I have a “MY 5” and add another “My 5” will I be charged for 2 packages

No, the customer will be charged for a “My 10” in this instance.  The system will review the number of channels added in a My 5 or My 10 Add-On package, in multiples of 5, and assigned a My 10, My 5 or combination of same to optimize the customer packages.


I would like to add more than 10 channels, will I be charged for more than 1 package?

Yes, once 10+ channels are selected (15, 20, 25, 30 or 35) the customer will be charged for multiple packages however the system optimises to push customers from My 5 to My 10 once 10 channels are selected.  


How will my bill look if I had the My 5 or My 10 Add-On package within my billing cycle?

As with our other monthly services, the charge will be prorated if added or removed within the billing cycle.  The only limitation with removing the add-on is that the customer must keep the service for 30 days.


Should I disconnect my service will I be charged for the full 30 days?

No, as the service cannot be disconnected until after 30 days.


Can I add a channel which already exists in a bundle that I have?

Yes, the system will not restrict adding channels which are a part of the bundle the customer already has.  The responsibility will lie with the customer/ agent to ensure there is no duplication of channels.

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