10,000 Credit Promotion

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Up to $10,000 Credit added to your Digicel mobile phone upon installation.
Plan Credit
Play Loud $2,000 Credit
Play Loud
$2,000 Credit
Play Bold $4,000 Credit
Play Bold
$4,000 Credit
Play Strong $6,000 Credit
Play Strong
$6,000 Credit
Play Big $10,000 Credit
Play Big
$10,000 Credit
Internet (not Play 10) $3,000 Credit
Internet (not Play 10)
$3,000 Credit

Sign up for Home Entertainment
May 8 – June 8
and benefit from:


Other benefits include: 

  • FREE SportsMax until July 31st, 2018
  • One (1) Free Set Top Box (if a TV Package is selected)
  • One (1) Free handset with a bundle purchase
  • Installation Fee ($4,000)
  • One (1) Month Free Personal Video Recorder (nPVR)
  • No deposit



  • This offer is available to new residential customers ONLY and in areas where Digicel Home Entertainment’s service is available. Customers must sign-up for Digicel Home Entertainment’s service between May 8 –  June 8, 2018
  • Benefit ends at June 8, 2018 for credit offer and July 31st, 2018 for SportsMax offer
  • A ‘sign up’ is defined as the customer having paid any applicable fees and the services being installed.
  • New customers signing up for Digicel Home Entertainment service are required to pay the Installation Fee of $4,000 for the service (s) ordered and where applicable the purchase price (inclusive of G.C.T.) for any additional equipment ordered in advance before their service (s) can be installed. New customers will only be scheduled for installation when their ‘sign-up payment’ is received by Digicel Home Entertainment.  Sales Orders raised for which no ‘sign-up payment’ has been received, will be cancelled after fourteen (14) days.
  • Installation fees of $4,000 apply to Standard Installations only.
  • Non-Standard installations are not discounted under this promotion. A site visit is required to derive costing for non-standard installations.
  • Offer applies only to Digicel Home Entertainment Subscribers
  • Credit is on net only and can be used to (talk, text and activate a data plan).
  • Credit expires 30 days after addition to account
  • Prepaid credit will be applied within 72 Hours after installation of service.
  • Postpaid credit to be applied on next month’s Mobile bill after installation.
  • Customers who sign up agree to pay the rates (inclusive of G.C.T.) applicable to that service, S.T.C.T and all other applicable Government taxes.
  • This Special offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer by Digicel Home Entertainment
  • All other services are chargeable at full retail rates.
  • Other Digicel Terms & Conditions apply.

10,000 Credit Promotion