Delroy Anderson

Denis O’Brien | Chairman, Digicel Group Board of Directors

Delroy Anderson

General Manager – Digicel+

Managing the delivery of superfast internet service and a rich array of HDTV entertainment options via Jamaica’s only Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, Delroy is constantly focused on delivering amazing experiences to our residential and business customers.

With a passion for deploying technology that moves people forward, Delroy enjoys implementing and fine-tuning services that enables our customers to introduce smart technology and live their best digital lives.


He looks at service excellence from varied perspectives, aiming to optimise our connections between the people we serve and the processes and technologies that help us to meet their expectations.


Delroy has held several senior roles at Digicel and the wider telecoms industry Jamaica, and has worked in the agro-chemical industry prior to his entry into the world of all things digital.