40 in 40


We're giving our customers in all 14 parishes a chance to win a share of $40 million in 40 days!

Just activate a 7-day plan or higher, buy a SIM, switch to Digicel or be on an active Postpaid Plan!

How to WIN

Activate a 7-Day or higher bundle


Switch to Digicel

Be an active Postpaid Customer

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This Promotion provides an opportunity for our Prepaid and Postpaid Digicel customers a chance to win a share of over Forty Million Dollars ($40,000,000) once they perform a Qualifying Activity during the Qualifying Period. There will be 14 daily winners, 14 weekly winners, and 14 grand prize winners; one winner will be selected from each parish across Jamaica.

This Promotion is valid from April 19, 2023 12:00 AM EST through to May 30, 2023 11: 59 PM EST. 

In order to be eligible for this Promotion, you must perform one of the following Qualifying Activities during the Qualifying Period (“Eligible Customer”):


For Postpaid Customers:


· Be on an active Prime Subscription Plan (i.e. no outstanding balance on your account during the Qualifying Period)


For Prepaid Customers:


· Activate an eligible Prime Brawta Bundle

· Complete a Port-In

· Purchase and activate a  SIM (customers who complete a new prepaid SIM activation only qualify for entry into grand prize entry)


The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:


a.      Postpaid Corporate & Business account customers;

b.      Customers who have elected not to participate in any Digicel promotions;

c.      Employees/families of employees (Spouse and Children), employees of affiliated companies associated with this Promotion;

d.      Ambassadors of Digicel;

e.      Employees who have left Digicel within the three (3) month period preceding the commencement date of the Promotion and during the Promotional Period;

f.       Customers who use only Digicel + (previously “Home & Entertainment” customers);

g.      Postpaid customers with an overdue amount;

h.      Directors of Digicel during the Promotional Period; and

i.       Customers who have ported their number to another telecommunications network.

Customers will receive an entry into the Promotion based on the Qualifying Activity done. Entries will be awarded as follows:


Qualifying Activity

Entry Awarded

Activation of  an Eligible Prime Bundle

1 Entry for Daily, Weekly and Grand Draw

Activate a new prepaid SIM

1 Entry for Grand Draw

Activation of  a ported SIM

1 Entry for Daily, Weekly and Grand Draw

Remain on an active Postpaid Prime Subscription

1 Entry for Weekly and Grand Draw



Activation of the below Plans will grant an entry into the Promotion as specified in Section 4.


Prime Bundles for Prepaid Customers:


Prime Bundle Plan Name

7 Days Prime Brawta Bundle

7 Days MDA Prime Bundle

28 Days Prime Brawta Bundle

7 Day Prime Brawta -25% Discount

28 Day Prime Brawta -25% Discount

28 Day Prime Brawta -50% Discount


Subscription Plans for Postpaid Customers:


Subscription Name

Prime Intro

Prime Start

Prime Start Discounted

Prime Core

Prime Core Discounted

Prime Plus

Prime Plus Discounted