Mother’s day

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Port - au Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, May 19, 2016 - Digicel, the leading mobile phone company, always mindful of costumer needs , brings some exclusive offers for its subscribers on the occasion of mother's day. Indeed, the company provides the DL 755 for only 4,000 HTG and the Samsung S7 for at 53,000 HTG tax included.

"Mother's day is the opportunity given to children and families to honor and thank the Mothers. Therefore, we are offering two innovative smartphones that will give customer the opportunity to experience real moments of complicity with their loved ones” said Selorm Adadevoh, Digicel CEO.

According to Nicholas Menos, the Director of Digicel Marketing, our customers always have a thirst for the latest technologies. We are offering high-performance mobile phones modernly designed to seduce more than one. People who will purchase the DL 755 will benefit 1 month internet free and a Digicel bag. In addition to 1 month free internet, Digicel will organize a draw to give people who purchase the Samsung S7 the chance to win a Samsung Gear which will allow them to experience the virtual reality of the phone.

The DL 755 has a touchscreen features of high capacity, a 5.0 MP camera and a micro SD expandable memory up to 64 GB, GPS and radio. Equipped with the best of Samsung technology, the new smartphone from the Korean manufacturer combines power and ease of use. The ultra-bright screen of the S7 offers exceptional image quality in direct sunlight. Thanks to their "Quick load" function, these phones can have 4 hours of battery life after only 10 minutes of charge! In term of storage, Samsung S7 can accommodate a microSD up to 200 additional GB in the same location as the SIM card in addition to the 32 GB available.

DL 755 and Samsung S7 are available in all Digicel stores until May 29, 2016. To participate in the draw of the Samsung S7, the buyer must go to the following location: Cap-Haïtien, Turgeau, Place Boyer, and Pétion-Ville, road of brothers, Dean 29 and at the Corporate Headquarters Office.


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Mother’s day