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Since 2010, MonCash has been closing the distance between people in Haiti by providing a way to make fast, reliable, safe, and convenient daily financial transactions on any Digicel mobile. As MonCash serves its 1.5 million users, it has also looked for ways to expand the way they access its services.
The new MonCash app creates a personalized QR code that contains the user’s information. They can scan to identify the person they are paying or sending money. Users can do P2P money transfers, pay to affiliated merchants, purchase Digicel bundles, pay bills, and receive payroll payments.

Three Ways to Subscribe

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Download the MonCash app in Google Play or the App Store in your smartphone


Dial *202# on your Digicel phone to Self-subscribe

Fill out the form at any MonCash agent location or any Digicel Store. Call 202 for more details

Now with MonCash you can:

Pay Your Bill Send Money Recharge Manage your Account Purchase Digicel Plans

What is a QR Code and how to use it?

A QR Code is a unique square-shaped code composed of rectangles, dots, and lines that holds the user’s information, and it allows you to make a transaction by only scanning it. To use it, you need to go to the tab “My QR code” in your MonCash app or ask for the other MonCash user to show it to you. Scan it, and all the user data will automatically pop on your screen. After, you have to indicate the amount you wish to transfer. You can use your QR code when sending money; when receiving money or when you are paying for an item, you just need to scan it.

Still without yours, redeem it here:

MonCash is a mobile money service that allows daily transactions between MonCash users, regardless of their location in Haiti. Some of the daily transactions users can do are: 


  • Hold money in their MonCash account for day-to-day purchases
  • Receive international money transfers


  • Send money between MonCash users by using their phone number  

  • Deposit money to their MonCash account

  • Withdraw money from their MonCash account 

  • Purchase Digicel bundles of minutes or data

  • Pay to affiliated merchants

  • Pay bills 

  • Receive payroll payments 


Digicel Haiti offers this service in partnership with Sogebank.

MonCash has been in Haiti since 2010. The old name was Tchotcho Mobil.


Opening a MonCash account is completely free and Depending on the type of MonCash account that you would like to open, you will have to follow these steps:

Mini Wallet Account

Dialing * 202# send or download the MonCash App and you will be taken to the registration menu, you will be asked to provide the following information:

1) Last name

2) First name

3) Date of birth (DD / MM / YYYY)

4) Choose a personal PIN code (do not share it with anyone)

5) Enter the PIN code again to confirm

Once this has been done, a mini wallet with a limit of 10,000 Gourdes will be opened on your phone. So you can start using it automatically.

Full Wallet Account

To open a full wallet with a transaction limit of 75,000 Gourdes, a registration form must be completed, along with 2 copies of a valid ID. This, in order to comply with banking regulations. Registration can be done at a Digicel Regional Office or select Digicel stores or MonCash agents.


When using MonCash there are some fees that may apply, however the following transactions are completely fee:

·       Opening or upgrade your MonCash Wallet

·       Depositing money is your own MonCash account (self cash in)

·       Recharging a Digicel Phone number

·       Paying affiliated merchants

·       Pay your bills

Other fees may apply when utilizing MonCash for other transactions such as transfer at an agent location (OTC). Also, when withdrawing or cashing out money from your account.


Yes, when using MonCash, limits apply when sending p2p or doing cash-out transactions. Different limits may apply depending if you´re using MonCash on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Please all the details on the number of transactions allowed per customer.


When sending P2P:





When Cashing Out:




We upgraded the MonCash app to improve customer's experience. We added biometric credentials so customers can log in to their account and confirm transactions by using their fingerprints or, if customers have an iOS device, using the face recognition feature.

Now the app allows users to include decimals in all transactions to be precise when sending their money or making payments, along with other improvements in the app's look and feel.



The MonCash app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

To download the MonCash App, please visit:

·       Google Play store on your Android smartphone

·       The App Store on your iOS device




To sign up or register to the MonCash App, download the App from your Google Play store or iOS App store and follow the process you will see on the screen. You will have to provide with your phone number, first and last names, date of birth, and create a four-digit PIN.

After doing so, the MonCash App will send a 6-digit code via SMS to the phone number provided to verify it is you!  For your safety, please do not share this code with anyone. Then you will be able to use your MonCash App in no time.



You can use the MonCash app if you are already a MonCash customer. To log in to the MonCash App, enter your current MonCash phone number and your PIN.

If you do not have a MonCash account, the application will ask you to register. Customers are also able to log in using their fingerprints or their phone’s face recognition system.


Not for the moment. To upgrade your account to a Full Wallet (credit limit 75,000 Gourdes) you will need to visit a Digicel Regional Office or select Digicel stores and MonCash agents with your registration form completed and 2 copies of a valid ID of you.


No. Your information and money are linked to your MonCash account regardless of the device you are using to access your account.

Use your phone number and PIN to log in to the MonCash App and you will be able to see your balance, latest transactions, make transactions and so much more.


No. Once you are a MonCash user you just need to download the MonCash app, sign in with your current MonCash phone number and PIN, and you will be ready to use it.



When sending money to a user that does not have a smartphone nor has downloaded the app, you just have to log in your MonCash App, type in their phone number and press the Send Money button.

Transactions are done from your MonCash account to another MonCash account regardless of the device the recipient has.



Yes. The MonCash App is for all MonCash users regardless of their wallet size (Mini or Full wallet).



No, there are no additional charges associated to signing up to the MonCash app. However, additional charges may apply depending on the transactions you are doing.




The MonCash QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that contains information about the user who will perform a transaction. The MonCash QR code will allow you to make payments and receive money with the MonCash App simply by scanning the code with your phone.

With the MonCash QR code customers minimize any error caused by saying a phone number out-loud and also will avoid people listening to the amount of money you are sending.  


You will be able to find your QR code in your MonCash App in the tab named “My QR”.



You can use the MonCash QR code in two ways:


1.      Paying for items: MonCash can be used to send money to a merchant and pay for the items customers buy at selected locations. So, whenever you go to a store look for a MonCash QR code at the cashier. Once you see it, sign in your MonCash App and press "Pay". Then, scan the MonCash QR code in front of you and you'll be able to pay for your purchase.

2.      Sending or Receiving money: press the “My QR code” tab once you have it visible, ask the other MonCash user to scan your code using the camera in their smartphone. After they scan it, they will be able to identify your account and transfer money



For a limited time period there will be no additional charges when using the MonCash QR code.

Some merchants even offer 1% CashBack when you pay by scanning their MonCash QR Code.



The QR code contains personal information such as your phone number to be able to identify your account. However, it does not contain the amount of money available in your account. They are meant to keep information private and to enable faster transactions. 




Additional to being able to send money via p2p for free, depositing money in your own account at no cost, and more.

1-    You get 3 times the amount when you recharge your Digicel phone with MonCash.

2-    You get 2 times the allocation of your Digicel Plans when you purchase them using MonCash.



Please see below the fees that apply when using MonCash as of April 18, 2022:


To receive international money transfers in your MonCash account, you need to be a Full Wallet user (limit 75,000HTG). If you do not have a Full Wallet account, you can visit any Digicel store and apply to become one. 

After verifying what type of account you have, you would need to authorize our partner PRISM Transfer to deposit the money in your MonCash by following these steps: 

Phone Menu: 

  1. Dial *202#
  2. Select option 6
  3. Choose to Opt in 

MonCash App: 

  1. Log in to your MonCash app and follow the instructions on the main screen to opt-in 

Once you are sure you have a Full Wallet account and Opted In, you can ask your loved ones abroad to send you money from any of the partners below: 

From North America

·         Boss Revolution

·         SendWave

·         Sharemoney

From Latin America

·         Girofacil

·         Uno Money Transfer

·         More Money

From Europe

·         Orange Money

From anywhere in the world

·         Remitly

·         WorldRemit