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Enjoy Digicel ring back tone service for only a monthly subscription of GY$110. cost per ring back tone set is GY$290.to subscribe to the service, call or text ‘help’ to 104, calls cost GY$11.60 and text cost GY$11.60

costs quoted above are all vat inclusive.

1. What Is A Ring Back Tone?

´Ring back tone’ is a new ringtone personalization service that allows you to replace the standard ringtone on your Digicel phone with a song for your callers to enjoy before you answer the phone.


2. What Is The Difference Between A Ringtone And A Ring Back Tone?

Ringtones are typically downloaded to a user's phone and allow customer to hear a chosen song instead of a standard ring on the handset when receiving calls. with a ring back tone, the phone user selects a song instead of the standard ringtone for his/her callers to hear before the phone is answered.


3. Is Ring Back Tone Service Available To All Digicel Customers?

Yes. The ring back tone service is a network feature and is compatible with all Digicel phones.


4. How Does Ring Back Tone Work?

When you select a ring back tone it is stored on Digicel 's servers unlike regular ring tones which are stored in your mobile phone's memory. when calls are received, the network recognizes you as a subscriber to the ring back tone service and the selected tone is played to your callers.


5. Is There A Charge For The Ring Back Tone Service?

Yes. There is a monthly service subscription charge of GY$110, and a cost of GY$290 for each ring-back tone purchased.


6. What Are The Ring Back Tone Service Features?

The ring back tone service allows Digicel users to:

A. Set a single ring back tone for all callers.

B. Set a default ring back tone and/or a specific ring back tone for a select caller or callers

C. Set ring back tone for a particular time, date or a group of callers.

D. Purchase any number of ring back tones.

E. Maintain an album of song selections.

F. Change your ring back tone as often as you like.

G. Establish as many settings as you wish for your callers


7. What kinds of ring back tone are available?

Ring back tone are available in a number of genres - reggae, dancehall, rap, soca, seasonal, gospel and many other categories. you can listen to available categories by calling 104 from your Digicel and search by name for a particular tone. you can also preview ring back tone on the ring back tone website free of charge. go to http://www.digicelguyana.com/ for more information


8. What Is An Album?

An album is a collection of purchased ring back tones. when you purchase a ring back tone it is automatically added to your default album. subscribers can create a maximum of 10 albums. if you are choosing a ring back tone from your album collection, you will not be charged for the same.



9. How Do I Access The Ring Back Tone Service?

You can subscribe to the service and select and purchase a ring back tone by calling the ring back ivr system at 104 and following the instructions:

  • to subscribe to the service: select option 1 -. the system will ask for confirmation. select option 1 again to confirm the subscription. [after successfully subscribing to the service, you will get a confirmation sms and your ring back tone ivr password along with information about the ring back tone website].
  • to select and purchase a ring back tone: press 1 to listen to the various ring back tone categories. after choosing a category, you can then browse through a variety of ring back tone and select any tone by pressing 1. the selected tone can be set for one caller or for all callers.


10. How Do I Manage My Ring Back Tone Service?

To manage your ring back tones, simply call 104 and select option 3 to listen to the system settings. in the “settings” option, your different rbt settings will be played. you can delete any of these settings or you can visit http://www.digicelguyana.com/ for further information

  • to set up a ring back tone for a specific caller: call 104 from your Digicel, and select the tone that you want to set. press 2 to set this tone for one caller. enter the phone number of the calling party starting with the 592 area code, followed by the seven-digit mobile number then the number sign e.g. .592 + xxx-xxxx + #. when prompted by the ivr, press 1 to confirm the number or press 2 to re-enter the number.
  • to set time of day functionality: press 2 when asked for confirmation of the ring back tone setting. you will then be asked to enter a particular time in which you want to play this tone for a caller or callers. the time of day functionality can be used to specify a unique ring back tone to be played during a specific time period. the default ring back tone will be played during all other times. you can choose any ring back tone as your default ring back tone.
  • to set day of week functionality: go to advanced options when asked for the confirmation of ring back tone settings. here, you can set ring back tone for one or more days of the week. persons who call you on the specified days will hear the designated ring back tone.
  • to set default ring back tone for unique callers. simply select the option for setting bbt for one caller and follow the instructions.
  • to change a ring back tone? ring back tone can be purchased at any time via the ring back tone ivr by calling 104 or you can change your bbt from your album.


11. Is There An Expiry Period For Ring Back Tone I’ve Purchased?

Yes. ring back tone purchased expires after 1 month. upon expiration you will have to re-purchase the same or another bbt.


12. What Do I Do If I Forget My Log In Password?

If you forget your login password, you will need to text “password” to 104 or visit http://www.digicelguyana.com/ in response you will get your password. your Digicel number is your login id.


13. If I Have An Existing Ring Back Tone Account And My Digicel Number Changes, What Do I Do?

The ring back tone service is non-transferable and, as such, you will need a new number to re-subscribe to the service.


14. If I Change From Prepaid To Postpaid Service Or Vice-Versa, Will I Have To Register Again For Ring Back Tone Service?

Changing your Digicel service from prepaid to postpaid will not affect your ring back tone service.


15. Can I Unsubscribe To The Ring Back Tone Feature?

Yes. you can unsubscribe from the service by calling the ring back tone ivr at 104 and selecting the “unsubscribe” option from the main menu. should you unsubscribe from the service, all of your purchased ring back tone will be deleted.

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