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1. What Is The Digicel Credit Loan Service?

Digicel Credit Loan Is A Service That Allows Customers To Request GY$141 In Credit To Top Up Their Account By Dialing A Short Code.

2. How Do I Use The Digicel Credit Loan Service?

Customers Can Use This Service By Dialing *141# And Following The Instructions Received Via Sms. The Plan Can Be Confirmed By Dialing *141*1#.

3. How Do I Qualify To Use Digicel Credit Loan?

Any Prepaid Subscriber Is Qualified To Use The Service.

4. What Is The Highest Amount Of Credit Loan Can I Borrow?

The Digicel Credit Loan Is Only Available In The Value Of GY$141

5. What Is The Least Amount Of Credit Loan Can I Borrow?

The Digicel Credit Loan Is Only Available In The Value Of GY141

6. Do I Need To Have Credit In My Phone To Qualify For A Credit Loan?

No, A Credit Loan Can Be Taken At Any Time

7. How Much Credit Should I Have To Qualify For A Credit Loan?

There Is No Min Amount To Qualify For The Loan

8. Is There An Expiry Date On The Credit Loan I Borrow/ How Long Does The Credit Loan Last For?

The Credit Loan Goes To Your Main Account And Does Not Extend Your Credit Expiration; It Remains The Same As It Was On Your Initial Credit.


9. How Do I Repay My Credit Loan?

By Topping Up Your Phone, The Loan Is Repaid And The Remainder Is Added To Your Credit.

10. Is This Available To Both Prepaid And Postpaid Customers?

No, Only Prepaid Customers Can Use This Service.

11. Can I Use This Service While Roaming?


12. Can I Use My Credit Loan To Qualify For Any Other Promotions?

Credit Loan Can Be Used To Activate A Plan Eg. Data Or Roaming But Not To Receive Free Credit

13. Which Services Can I Use With My Credit Loan Credit?

All Services (Calls, Sms, Data)

14. Is There Any Interest On My Credit Loan?


15. Is There Any Service Charge On My Credit Loan?

There Is A Fee Of GY$9 That Will Be Deducted On Repayment Of Loan.

16. What Is The Total That Will Be Deducted From My Account When I Top Up?

Total Deduction Will Be GY$150, Taken From Your Next Top Up.

17. Can A Customer Request A Digicel Credit Loan If Their Account Is Deactivated?

They Cannot. Credit Loan Does Not Extend The Life Cycle.

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