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  • Flexible DATA Plans
  • Flexible Data Plans

1. What are the 5 new flexible Data plan?

Customers will now be able to buy Data Plans for ALL smartphones (BB, Android, windows etc.) choosing from the various options below:
• Daily
• 2 days
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Monthly +
Add on*****

2. What do you need to use this service?

An Internet compatible handset with Digicel internet settings.

3. What are the prepaid data plans that are available?

  • Data Bundles Prepaid Data Rate
  • Prepaid Smartphone Daily Plan 50MB G$280
  • Prepaid Smartphone 2 Days Plan 100MB G$500
  • Prepaid Smartphone Weekly Plan 350MB G$1,100
  • Prepaid Smartphone Monthly Plan 800MB G$2,800
  • Prepaid Smartphone Monthly + Plan 1GB G$3,200
  • Add On 15MB G$100
    Prices are VAT inclusive

4. Are there any automatic additional charges outside the data plan? If yes, what are these?

No – you only pay the subscription fee.

5. How do I activate a blackberry data plan?

Short code to start the process is *136#

• Daily - *136*200#
• 2 Days - *136*300
• Weekly - *136*400#
• Monthly - *136*500#
• Monthly + - *136*600#
Add On- *136*1900#

6. How do I activate a smartphone data plan?
Short code to start the process is *136#

• Daily - *136*1200#
• 2 Days - *136*1300#
• Weekly - *136*1400#
• Monthly - *136*1500#
• Monthly + - *136*1600#
Add On- *136*1900#

7. Can both Prepaid and Postpaid customers use the product?

NO. Prepaid subs only.

8. Does the system renew the subscription automatically after the subscription expires?

Renewal is automatic for all plans except for the daily plan. To activate the daily plan use short code to start the process is *136#
• Daily - *136*200# or *136*1200#

9. How do I check my data usage for my plan?

To check the data usage use the code *123#send. Data balance will be reflected when checking core balance *120#send
- *123#send will advise on the MB remaining and NOT MB USED

10. Can the customer activate 2 prepaid Data plans at a time?

No, you can’t activate 2 Data Plans at a time.
If additional data is required a subscriber can activate an add-on

11. For the 2 days or more plans, is there a daily limit?

No, customers can decide how they want to use their MBs, whether all in one day or for the entire duration of the plan. It’s their choice!

12. If customers exceed the MB before the plan expires, what options are available to them?

Customers will be able to access the “Add On” service which provides them with 15MB at a cost of a $100.

13. How many times can I activate an ‘Add On”?

Once data is exceeded, you can activate as much “Add-ons” as you like but you will receive ONE (1) “Add On” per hour (15mb).
E.g. -
2 request for add-ons are sent at 8pm, the first 15mb will be applied to the account at 8pm and the second will be applied at 9pm.

14. Will I be able to activate an Add on if I still have available MB from my plan?

Yes, an add-on can be activated at any time, but will expire when the plan expires.

15. Will I be able to use MB from my Add on if my plan expires?

No, When plan expires add on MB will expire as well.

16. Can I activate an Add on without having a plan?

No, the service is only available if there is an active plan

17. What happens if I try to browse without a plan?

You will be redirected to a page that provides details on our data plans and cost. As of 21st February, 2015, there will be no main account charging i.e. they will not be charged $1 per KB.

18. Will I be able to use free period from 12:01am-5:59am?

No, the service is no longer available.

19. Will my mb roll over to a new plan if i do not utilise all from my previous plan?


20. Will my mb from my previous plan roll over to the new plan if there is an automatic reactivation?


21. What happens to existing plan?

- existing users will now receive 75mb per day to compensate for free period (midnight to 6am).
- existing plan will not be auto renewed
- existing users will need to use the old code (*122*9#send) to check data usage
- existing customers can activate add-ons after they have utilized the 75mb

22. Will i receive usage notifications?

Yes, from 50% and over.

Media and staff plans will be changed to 800mb at a cost of $1,100.00


1. What is the free texts offer?

Customers can send 25 texts on-net free after sending 3 chargeable on-net texts.

2. How do customers qualify for free texts?

Customers can qualify for free texts by sending 3 texts to numbers on the digicel network and they will receive 25 free to send to any number on the digicel network.

3. Is this offer applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers?

Free texts are applicable to both prepaid and postpaid subs. postpaid subs qualify after they have utilised their bundled texts.

4. Can i qualify for this offer while roaming?

This offer is not available to customers who are roaming

5. Can i roll over unused texts?

Free texts are only valid for the day the customer qualified. unused texts are not rolled over to the following day.


1. How do customers qualify for free credit?

To qualify, prepaid customers must top up with $220 or more. customers do not need to be on the network for 2 months or more to qualify. they qualify once they are a digicel customer.

2. How can i use my free credit?

Free credit can be used for local on-net calls and sms only.

3. Can i qualify for this offer while roaming?

This offer is not available to customers who are roaming

4. Can i use my free credit to qualify for any other promotion?

The free credit cannot be used to qualify for any other promotion.

5. How much free credit will customers receive when they top up?

Free credit is up to a maximum of $500 and is of equal value to the customer’s top up.

6. How long is my free credit valid for?

Free credit is valid for 2 days

7. What is the maximum amount of free credit a customer will receive for this offer?

Customers can receive up to $500 free credit on their first top up of the month.


1. How do customers qualify for free talk?

To qualify prepaid customers must talk for 3 chargeable minutes on an on-net call then they get the next 15minutes on the same call free.

2. Is this offer applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers?

Free talk is applicable to both postpaid and prepaid subs. postpaid subs qualify only after they have utilised their bundled mintues.

3. Can i use my free minutes to make other on net calls?

Free talk is applicable on the same call only.

4. Can i qualify for free talk if i am using free minutes gained by another promotion?

Customers will not qualify for free talk, if they are using free credit earned by any other promotion

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