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1.     What is the Free Night Talk Promotion?

        The Free Night Talk promotion is Unlimited Free Talk from 10pm to 5.59am to any local Digicel to Digicel Number.



2.     How do I qualify?

        To qualify all you have to do is to Top Up $1000 or more before 6pm daily (midnight to 6pm) and you will

        automatically qualify



3.     When does this promo start?

        The promo starts on Wednesday April 22nd, 2020.



4.     When does the promo end?

        The promo will be running for a while. Customers will be advised of the end date via SMS.



5.     Can a postpaid customer take part?

        No, this promotion is only for prepaid subscribers



6.     Do I have to Top Up $1000 daily to talk Free?  

        Yes. Once you Top up with $1000 before 6pm, you get Unlimited FREE Talk from 10pm to 6am on the same day that you

        topped up.



7.     Is this available in the My Digicel App?

        Yes, you can Top Up with $1000 or more in the MyDigicel App to qualify.



8.     Can I Top up with different denomination of credit to qualify?

        No, you must do a one-time Top Up of $1000 or more.



9.     Can I call GTT Landline and Mobile during the Free Talk period?

         Yes, you can call but you will be charged the normal rates. This promotion is only for Digicel to Digicel calls.



10.    How often can I take part in the promotion? 

        You can participate everyday by Topping Up with $1000 or more.



11     What method of Top UP do I need to use? 

        You can Top Up Electronically, Online, Scratch Cards or receive credit from abroad (Diaspora Top ups)



12.    Can I transfer my FREE night Talk to another person number? 

        No, Free Night Talk is only for the number that received the $1000 credit.

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