Prime Up And Win FAQs

Prime Up & Win Frequently Asked Questions 


DURATION – Nov 1st to 10th, 2021


What is the “Prime Up and WIN” promotion?

The “Prime Up and WIN” promotion gives prepaid and postpaid customers who are on an active Prime Bundle a chance to win five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) daily for 10 days starting Nov 1st and concluding on Nov 10th, 2021.


When does the promotion start?

The promotion starts on Nov 1 and ends on Nov 10.


What are the prizes?

One customer will win $500,000 daily for 10 days, totaling 10 winners for promotional period.


How do I qualify to enter the promotion?

Prepaid customers qualify daily by being on an active Prime Bundle.

Postpaid Customers qualify daily by being on an active Postpaid Prime Bundle with bill payments up to-date.


Is there any other way I can enter the promotion?

No. You can be a part of the promotion only if you are on an active Prime Bundle during the promotional period. A top up or a regular 4G plan will NOT qualify you for this promotion


Will I still be eligible if my Prime Bundle Plan was activated before Nov 1st?

Yes, you will be eligible for the days during the promotional period that your plan is still active.



Do I need to activate a Prime Bundle daily to qualify on all days during the promotional period?

You can activate the 1 Day Prime Bundle daily to qualify, but you are not obligated to. You can activate a 30 days Bundle to qualify for all days during the promotional period or a 7 days plan to qualify for seven days during the promotional period and so on.

Will I Qualify if I am gifted a Prime Bundle?

Yes, you will qualify on the days during the promotional period that your Prime Bundle is active.


Can I win more than once?

Yes, it is possible, since the winners are randomly selected.


Are postpaid subscribers eligible to enter?

Yes. Prepaid, Postpaid and Hybrid subscribers are eligible. Postpaid and Hybrid subscribers will need to be on a Prime Bundle Plan and must NOT have any outstanding balances pending.


Which plans are considered Prime Bundles?




Daily Prime Bundle



3 Day Prime Bundle



7 Day Prime Bundle



30 Day Lite Prime Bundle



30 Day Prime Bundle













How will I know if I am a winner?

A Digicel representative will contact you from our office. Calls will ONLY come from 5926601000.


Will I need to take a picture receiving my prize?

Yes, you are required to take a picture receiving your prize.


Can I authorize someone to uplift my prize if I win?

No, you are required to uplift your prize yourself.


Which documents do I need to claim my Prize?

You are required to provide:

- A form of identification: (National ID or Valid Passport)

- Address: 

- TIN#:




Employees of Digicel Guyana or any associated company of Digicel Guyana and their immediate families, persons connected with the competition /prize draw and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, campaign talents, vendors, wholesalers & their agents are not eligible to enter the promotion.





Digicel Guyana Reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or the rules without notice in the event of any actual or anticipated breach of the promotion or any other event outside of Digicel Guyana's reasonable control which impacts the fairness of the promotion.


In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a promotion, Digicel’s decision of who the winner(s) are shall be the final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.


By entering the promotion, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current, accurate and complete. Digicel Guyana reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.


Digicel Guyana assumes that by reading the publication or by using the website and entering the promotion (and you warrant that) you are aged 18 or over.


Digicel Guyana assumes that the subscriber who presents his/her handset with the qualifying prime bundle plan after they have been notified of being one of the winners, is the legitimate & the sole owner of same, which must be presented to our office along with identification details to claim prizes.


Digicel Guyana reserves the rights to disqualifying any participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the participant has breached any of the rules.