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FibreX FAQ


1. What is Fibre?

Fibre is a type of internet connection that uses fibre optic cables to transmit data. It offers high-speed, reliable internet connectivity.


2. How fast is Digicel’s FibreX Internet?

Digicel’s FibreX Internet offers blazing-fast speeds, starting from 250Mbps. This allows for seamless streaming, video conferencing, and other high-bandwidth activities.


3. What can I do with Fibre Internet?

Fibre Internet allows you to do a wide range of activities, including streaming movies, music, videos, conducting video meetings and conferences, and more. It provides a smooth online experience with no buffering.


4. What do I need to get the internet?

To sign up for Digicel’s FibreX Internet service, you need to complete an order form, have an ONT device installed by Digicel and pay the first month’s service charge upfront.

You will also need the following documents:

For Businesses: Email Address, Phone Number, Proof of Address, Valid Form of ID for Owner/Director, TIN, Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation 
For small businesses: Email Address, Phone Number, Proof of Address & Council Receipt/ Some form of Documentation for Ownership/Payment of Leases/Taxes for stall or premises, tile or transport etc. 
Residence: Email Address, Proof of Address, Phone Number and Valid ID for the Applicant 


5. Is there an installation cost for this service?

Yes, the cost is G$20,000, however if you sign up NOW we will waive 100% of this cost and grant your installation of your FibreX service FREE OF COST to you, but you have to sign up NOW to enjoy this special limited time installation discount. 


6. Where is Digicel FibreX available?

Digicel FibreX is currently available in various locations in Guyana, including Kingston, Wortmanville, Thomas Lands, Lodge, North Cummingsburg, Lodge Housing Scheme, South Cummingsburg, North Ruimveldt, Queenstown, Bel Air Park, Alberttown, Newtown, Lacytown, Kitty, Stabroek, New Haven, Werk-En-Rust, Campbellville, Albouystown, Lamaha Gardens, La Penitence, Prashad Nagar, Houston, Subryanville, McDoom, Bel Air Gardens, Agricola, Bel Air Springs, Liliendaal, Pattensen, Turkeyen, Industry, Cummings Lodge, Cummings Park, Section A Sophia, Section B Sophia, Section C Sophia, Section D Sophia, Block E Sophia (Plum Park), North East La Penitence, West La Penitence, River View Ruimveldt, Alexander Village, Industrial Estate, Meadowbank, Stevedore & Postal Scheme, and Tucville.


7. How can I protect the Digicel FibreX Modem?

To protect your FibreX modem from damage due to power fluctuations or outages, it is recommended to use a stabilizer/voltage regulator with a capacity of 500KVA or greater.


8. After I sign up, when will my FibreX service be installed?

For residences, you will be installed within 5-7 business days after you make payment of your first month’s service charge. Please note that Business days are counted as Monday to Friday and does not include weekends. 

For businesses, you will be installed within 3-5 business days after you make payment of your first month’s service charge. Business days are counted as Monday to Friday and does not include weekends. 


9. Can I upgrade/downgrade my FibreX service?

Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade you fibreX service by calling 699-9932 or sending an email to fibrexguyana@digicelgroup.com  

Please note that for downgrades one downgrade will be allowed each bill cycle and a fee of G$1,000 will be charged to process the downgrade request for residential customers and G$2,000 to process the request for business customers. This downgrade fee will be added to your bill once the downgrade is completed. All upgrades are executed FREE of cost. 


10. Can I temporarily suspend my FibreX service?

You are allowed to suspend your FibreX a maximum of three (3) months in a twelve (12) month period or in one (1) calendar year. There is a fee attached to suspending your FibreX connection and this fee should be paid upfront before the suspension takes effect. The fee for suspension is as set out below:

Suspension Rates for Business Customers: G$4,000+VAT (G$4,560) per month. Suspension can be done for a maximum of three (3) months in a twelve (12) month period.  

Suspension Rates for Residential Customers: G$500 per month (VAT exempt). Suspension can be done for a maximum of three (3) months in a twelve (12) month period.


11. Can I terminate my FibreX service?

To terminate your FibreX service, you will be required to send an email to: fibrexguyana@digicelgroup.com requesting such termination. You will also be required to pay all the outstanding balances on your account and to return the FibreX modem and its power cord to our Business Office located on the Lobby Floor of the Pegasus Corporate Suites Building, Seawall Road, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana. This office is opened Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm to facilitate such returns.


12. How can I interpret the charges on my FibreX bill?

Your FibreX bill includes charges from the first day of every month and is due and payable on or before the 27th day of every month.


13. When is my FibreX internet bill due?

Your FibreX internet bill is due on the 27th day of every month.


14. How can I get support for my Digicel FibreX internet service after purchase?

For ALL after-sales service needs relating to your FibreX internet service (this includes service queries, payment queries, installation queries, and fault reporting), kindly call our FibreX helpline on telephone number: 592-699-9932. Please note that this is a toll-FREE number for ALL Digicel mobile subscribers, however, GTT subscribers are charged for this call.


15. How can customers pay for their Digicel FibreX internet Service?

Customers can pay for their Digicel FibreX internet Service in the following ways:-

- At any Digicel Dealer Store location countrywide, online via any of the commercial banks countrywide, or via Sure Pay service. (For online and Surepay options, please call 699-9932 and advise of details of your transaction e.g. receipt number, date, and amount paid. This is to allow a speedy processing of such payments to your account since these are third party payment services)

- At the Store located in Digicel’s Corporate Office, Business Solutions Department – Lobby Floor, Pegasus Corporate Suites Building, Seawall Road, Kingston, Georgetown


16. What are the contract terms & details for Digicel’s FibreX internet service?

Digicel’s FibreX internet service comes with a standard one (1) year contract term and will be available in an electronic contract (e-contract) at the time of sign up for your FibreX internet service.


17. What is the service relocation fee for Digicel's FibreX internet service?

If a customer requests to have his/her FibreX internet service relocated in the same building or moved to a new address/location (e.g., change of business/residential address), this relocation will attract a fee of G$20,000+VAT for all business customers and G$10,000+VAT for all residential customers.

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