Roaming Tips

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Roaming Tips

1. What quick tips can I use to ensure I can roam successfully?

a.      Ensure network mode is on “auto connect”.  (available in phone settings).

b.      Postpaid customers need to ensure roaming is enabled on account.

c.      Ensure data while roaming is enabled (available in phone settings).

d.      Check APN in settings to ensure correct based on market.

e.      Select Manual update and choose partner if automatic selection is not completed.

f.       Ensure phone is compatible – triband/quadband phone.

g.      Download My Digicel App prior to roaming to purchase or reactivate plan, buy additional top up or check balance .

2. What are the benefits of the New Roaming Plans?

a.      Simplified plans which can be used in all of the 28 countries.

b.      Data enhanced plans with no data overage.

c.      No data overage charges.

d.      Rollover data when plan is renewed before expiration.

e.      Free Incoming Calls and Text messages.

f.       Simplified calling rates.

g.      Plan Variety - ability to activate 1, 7 or 30 day plans.

3. What benefits do I get when I use the My Digicel App while roaming?

a.      Roamers may use My Digicel App to enhance their roaming experience. They will be able to:

i.    Purchase/Reactivate the roaming plans

ii.   Check their roaming balances

iii.  Speak to a customer care agent via webchat

4. Why is the New Roaming Plan better than the competitors?

Vs. other Local Networks

  • We offer more data on the Digicel Plan  - can be used for messaging and/or voice and video calls
  • We offer to more locations
    • UK, Ireland
    • More Caribbean locations
  • We have no overages – so no bill shock. You are in control of your spend
  • We allow plan to be auto-renewed if the option is selected
  • Digicel offers per second billing


Vs. International Networks

  • Plan expires in 21 days and is non-renewable
  • Unlimited calls in country only. Calls outside of country costs $1.99 per minute               
  • Domestic roaming charges occurs when the customer moves from home network/ areas where home network is not available

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Roaming Tips