Residential Internet Terms and Conditions

Digicel Residential Internet Access


1.       What is Digicel Residential Internet Access?

·         Digicel Residential Internet Access is an internet connection to the customers’ homes that are in DIRECT line of sight to a 4G LTE enabled Digicel Cell tower.

2.       How is it different from the Business Internet Access and Dedicated Internet Access?

·         There are only two plans currently as Residential Internet

·         The price is specifically tailored for home use

3.       What is required to obtain a Residential Internet Access connection?

·         Technician to conduct site visit and confirm Line of Sight from customer premises

·         Once confirmed, an activation form and contract is signed by the customer & upfront payment of installation fee.

·         Installation is done within 5 to 10 working days (depending on current demand)

4.       What are the fees associated with Residential Internet Access?

The two (2) main fees - cal in for further details

5.       What is the installation process?

·         Subscriber Module (SM) Installation - this is installed at the customer’s premises. It will receive the internet connection from the nearest 4G ready cell tower.

·         Router Installation – this is installed inside the customers’ premises and is the final handover of the internet to the customer.

·         Service Delivery Form – Customer is given a service delivery form by the Technician after installation of the Router. Customer must sign confirming the installation is completed and the allotted bandwidth is received.

6.       What documents are required for signing up?

·         Copy of Identification (passports, national ID or driver’s license

·         Proof of address (copy of utility bill)

7.       What is the contract period? 

The standard contract period of Two (2) years will be applied to all activations.

8.       What is the process to request the service and report a fault?

·         To request the service interested persons should call 14734234663 or visit a Digicel Store. Names and contact information should then be forwarded to Business Solutions Sales dept. on a daily basis.

·         To report a fault, customers should call their Business Solutions Agent or Corporate Office at 17845287180.

9.       How the Residential Internet does differs from Broadband?

The Residential Internet Access service is a low contention ratio and highly reliable service with minimal bandwidth fluctuations. The service is backed by Digicel Business “always on” service guarantee (see SLA); whereas Broadband service gives “up to” speeds, is susceptible to peak period congestion and is a shared/contended service.