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Postpaid - FAQs


1.     What postpaid plans are available? – Effective September 3rd, 2023.  The following new postpaid plans will be available for purchase online, in stores and from Sales Agents. Click Here


2.     What happens to the Prime Plus Plans? These plans will no longer be available for purchase from September 3rd, 2023.


3.     What is the major difference in the new portfolio? In the new postpaid plans there is no split in the data allotment between entertainment data and digital data.  You can use the data as you wish and it will be deducted from your any-use data allowance.


4.     Will I receive my roll over “rollover data” from old Prime Plus Plans to the New Supreme Plans?  Yes, you will but only main data will rollover.  Apps data will not be part of rollover.


5.     Where can I call with my Digi Regional & Int’l Anywhere Minutes?

The anywhere minutes can be used for calls to US, Canada, Regional Digi Calls to Digicel  (Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Bonaire, Cayman, Curacao, Dominica, El Salvador, Monserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos (excluding Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname and Home Market). 


6.     What happens when my data allowance is exhausted?

When you have used up all your data you will not be able to browse if you have reached your credit limit.  If you have not reached your credit limit you will be charged at the regular data rates or you can purchase an add-on data plan. 


7.     Am I able to use WhatsApp for Free with the new postpaid plans?

Data which includes WhatsApp will be deducted from your Any-use data allowance.


8.     What is the bill cycle for postpaid?

Postpaid plans are billed every month from the 3rd of the month to the 2nd of the following months.


9.     What does Credit limit mean?

The credit limit is a set value on your account to help manage your bill charges. This amount is set based on your plan and monthly subscription.  The credit limit balance takes into account your total current charges, including Monthly subscription, other charges, and tax


10. What is the postpaid security deposit?

The security deposit is an amount paid upfront upon initial sign up of the Postpaid account. It is held separately on the account as security and is refundable upon termination.  Existing customers are exempted from giving any additional deposit


11. When do I need to pay my postpaid bill?

Payment is due every 29th of the month for charges generated in the previous month.  


12. What happens if my bill is not paid on time?

Your account will be barred from making calls and using data until payment is made.


13. How does plan sharing work?

Plan sharing is one specific plan with the allocated data and minutes to be shared based on the number of people in the chosen plan

  1. How are the minutes and data shared?

There is no set data allotment or minutes per user. Anyone can use any amount of the assigned minutes and data for the plan

  1. How do I check my balance?

Balance check can only be done on the primary number via the MyDigicel app


16. Will I be able to use my postpaid plan while I am roaming?

No.  The plan will not work while roaming unless you have added-on on a roaming plan. , Check our MyDigicel App to view the roaming plans. You can also contact customer care by dialing 100 from your Digicel phone number to get more information on our new roaming plans.