Caribbean Roam Easy Frequently Asked Questions

Caribbean Roam Easy 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is this New Caribbean Passport plan?

Caribbean Passport Roam plan provides subscribers with benefits of Data allocation for general Internet consumption while in an eligible roaming destination and provides reduced Overage Rates for voice calls.


Ø What is being offered with this plan?

• Roaming Data Allotment.

• Free Incoming call.

• Reduced PayGo/Overage rate for roaming voice calls.

Note: Rates will be based on zone the country is listed that the call is being made to.


Ø What are the different durations for the Caribbean Passport Roam plans?

The Prepaid Caribbean Roam Easy plans will be available in the follow durations 3, 7, and 14 Day plans.      


Ø How much does the New Caribbean Passport Roam plan cost and what are the data amounts?

• Caribbean Passport 3 Day Plan - $20 – 3GB

• Caribbean Passport 7 Day Plan - $40 – 7GB

• Caribbean Passport 14 Day Plan - $80 – 14GB


Ø What are the Caribbean Passport Roam calling rates within the plan?

• Digicel Caribbean outgoing $0.40c per minute with free incoming calls.

• Haiti outgoing $0.70c per minute with free incoming calls.


Overage Rate for Voice Call


Rate (Destination)

Rate Home

1 (US/CAN)



2 (UK/EU)



3 Caribbean






4 Rest of World




Ø Who is eligible for these plans?

All customers are eligible to activate this Caribbean Passport Roam plan.


Ø Can corporate customers activate this plan?

Yes, roaming plans are available to all Digicel Customers, including Corporate customers.


Ø How can this plan be activated?

This plan can be activated via My Digicel App, or UMM *140# for both Pre and Postpaid customers.  


Ø Do I need to activate the plan before leaving my local/home country?

No Pre-activation required before arrival in roaming destination, subscriber should be able to activate the plan from any location.


Ø Is there a limit to the number of plans I can activate?

There is no limit to the number of times this plan can be activated.

Subscriber can buy multiple of same or other Prepaid Caribbean Passport Roam plans at any given time.


Ø Does the Caribbean Passport Roam plans auto- renew?

The Prepaid Caribbean Passport Roam plans WILL NOT be allowed automatic renewal.


Ø If I want my plan to auto renew, can I opt-in to auto renewal?

• Yes a prompt is received to opt-in to auto-renewal.

• Prepaid customers should receive the renewal notification 2 days and 1 day before plan expiry.

• Except for the 3 day plan a notification should be received 24 hours before plans expire.   


Ø Will I receive a prompt if i have used up my plan allocations?

• Yes, In the event the data allotments are exhausted before the scheduled notification period, a prompt will be sent with an invitation to purchase a new plan.

• Customers will receive data notifications advising when data allotment will soon be exhausted. Eg. Notification will be sent at [150MB], [50MB] and [0 MB] remaining. 


Ø Will i be notified for plan rollover or plan expiry?

Yes, plan roll over and expiry notifications will be sent.

Customers can repurchase the same Prepaid Caribbean Passport Roam before it expires.


Ø How can I check my balance from the Caribbean Passport Roam plan?

Customers will be able to check their balance via My Digicel App or UMM using short code.


Ø Will I be charged for data I continue using a data session after my data allotments have been used up?

When data allotments are exhausted customers will receive a PayGo Wall which will block usage until the subscriber opt-in to PayGo data overage usage at $0.54 per MB or buys another roaming plan.


Ø Can Digi-loan credit be used to purchase the Prepaid Caribbean Passport Roam Plan?

Customers are not able to use Digi-loan credit to purchase the Prepaid Caribbean Passport Roam Plan.


Ø Can I benefit from the Caribbean Passport plan in my home country?

Benefits of the Caribbean Passport is not accessible in the home country.


Ø My Caribbean Passport Roam plan can work in which countries?

The Caribbean Roam Easy plans will be available in the following destinations listed in the table below.


Eligible destinations:















Trinidad and Tobago











Note: Prepaid customers roaming in a country not listed as an eligible roaming plan destination will be standard roaming whether or not a roaming plan is active.

If more assistance is required, how do I contact customer Care?

For further assistance customer can visit: for more info on roaming or dial 100 if on home network or +17587163444 while roaming for support.