Experience The Home Fibre Network That Gives You SImply More

Digicel+ Grenada - Simply More Value

Time to Move to Faster Internet


 Our award-winning Fibre Network delivers More Speed and More Internet Reliability so that you and your entire family can do more of what you love at home.


Unlike traditional copper internet used by others, our fibre internet is less susceptible to weather and is capable of carrying a larger bandwidth. This means that you can do more online all day, every day regardless of how many devices are connected at the same time. 


With Download speeds starting at 250 Mbps and up, you will enjoy an experience like never before

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100 percent fibre. all the home fibre network to power every device in your home, rain or shine
Speeds from 100MBPS and Up. Superfast and super reliable broadband connection that gives you more, so you can do more


"Digicel+ internet has served me well over the years. It is superfast but more so very reliable which is necessary for me in my field of work. The basic speeds offered by Digicel+ is good enough for my entire family of 4 to use all their devices simultaneously without any loss in performance. ."

Britney D.

Happy Customer

"The Internet is consistent, reliable and fast for both uploads and downloads. I can work from home with no issues."

Nicholas M.

Happy Customer

"My Digicel+ service has allowed me to work efficiently from home during the pandemic. At a time when reliable and fast internet is more important than ever, Digicel+ has been key."

Kristina K.

3 year customer