Soccer Madness SMS Game



Be in to WIN either a share of $1,800 grand Cash Prize or daily Cash giveaways!

Jump on board and take part in the Soccer Madness SMS game by simplying texting the keyword GOAL to short code 1644. The more you text, the more chances of winning.


Prize FJD
RANK 1 $1,000
RANK 2 $500
RANK 3 $300

To participate in the SOCCER MADNESS SMS game, the customer will need to text the keyword GOAL to shortcode 1644.

Each text (correct or incorrect keyword) sent to short code 1644 will be charged 50c (GST incl.).

Each billed text to shortcode 1644 will generate an “SMS Reply”. An “SMS Reply” will contain the following:

The token earned for successfully sending a text to 1644. The SMS Game platform assigns the token randomly.

A sample SMS reply is “SUPERB! You earned 5 points and are Rank 1 with a total of 1,070! Text GOAL to 1644! Be Rank 1 by 11:59:59pm April 30th to WIN $1,000 CASH! 50c/txt. Over 18yrs ONLY!

From time to time, promotions or boosters will be implemented to add excitement to the game and increase the chances of players to win the game. Sample boosters are “Ups and Super Points”.

The SOCCER MADNESS tokens assigned are as below:







Free Kick!






Corner Kick!








All prepaid and post-paid customers who are not part of the blacklist.

*Starts 8th April, 2021 (13:00:00hrs) to 30th April, 2021 (23:59:59hrs). Must Be At Least 18 Years of Age to Enter, Participate and Claim a Prize in this Game.


1.    How do I participate in the offer?
It’s simple! All you have to do is to Text “GOAL” to 1644.

2.    What is the Prize?
Cash giveaways.

3.    Is there a limited number of times where we can enter?
No, you can text as many times as you wish to. Text “GOAL” to 1644.

4.    Is there a charge to each Text?
Yes, there is $0.50 charge to each text.

5.    Can the text be charge from Free Credit?
No, ABM will be deducted for each text.

6.    How long is this promotion?
Its starts on the 8th April and ends on 30th April, 2021. 23days!

7.    Do MSISDN’s go into the draw to determine the winner?
No. The game is based on rank, hence to WIN, customers are to be Ranked 1 to WIN. On selected days there could be 3 giveaways, therefore those that wish to win a prize should be ranked, either 1, 2 or 3.

8.    How will I find out if I won the Prize?
A Digicel representative will contact you accordingly.

9.    When are the prize giveaway days?
The giveaway days are selected randomly and customers will be advised via txt blast on “SMS GAME”.

10.    Is the offer applicable to all Prepaid Price plan or its Whitelisted customers only?
All Prepaid and personal postpaid customers can text participate.


Soccer Madness SMS Game