Sky Pacific Offer

Catch all your favorite TV shows and Sports on Sky Pacific with Gold Plan. Get 25 channels at the monthly subscription of $54.95.

Hurry sign up for only $159 and get two month’s subscription free!!


Sky Package April 2021






New Sky Installation

$      49.00

 $      109.90

 $ 158.90

Total Includes 2 months subscription & installation kits

New Multi-room Sign Up

$      98.00

 $        86.25

 $ 184.25

Total Includes 1 months subscription & 2 Decoder plus installation kit

Multi-room Existing Sky

$      49.00

 $        86.25

 $ 135.25

Total Includes 1 months subscription & 1 Decoder

New Saqamoli Installation

$      49.00

 $        60.00

 $ 109.00

Total Includes 2 months subscription & installation kits

1.    New Sky Installation is $159 with 2 Months Sky Subscription.
This new Sky Installation @ $159 with 2 months subscription is strictly for NEW customers ONLY. By NEW we mean that customer has NO Sky Account, verify this  properly with customer else no commission will be paid.


2.    a. Multiroom Sign-up for a new customer.
Customer willing to sign-up with Multiroom package i.e., getting two Decoders, therefore the price of two decoders is $98 ($49+$49) plus $86.25 subscription fee (54.95+$31.30) = $184.25.

b. Multiroom signup for an existing customer- Existing Sky Pacific customer willing to sign-up for Multiroom with existing Decoder, the price for extra decoder is $49 plus $86.25 subscription fee (54.95+$31.30) = $135.25


3.    New Saqamoli Plan Installation.
Saqamoli Installation is $49 plus 2 Months subscription ($49+$60.00) = $109.00

1.    Where can I sign up?
Any nearest Digicel store.

2.    What is the cost of new sky sign up?
The current promotional new sky sign up for this Super Rugby season is $159 with 2 months subscription.

3.    Is the Sky Installation price $159 same for Multi-room Signup?  
No, Multi-Room customer has different chargers as stated above.

5.    Is the Subscription amount compulsory for the new Sky sign up?  
Yes, subscription amount is compulsory. 

6.    Is there a whitelist for the new Signup offer?  
No, it is available for all NEW customers.

7.    Promotion end date?
Promotion ends on the 31st of August,2021.

Sky Gold Plan