Text & WIN a boat

Text & WIN a Boat

Your chance to WIN Boat with Outboard Engine. Simply text “ALL IN” to 171 and go into the Draw to Win. Each text cost $0.50, closes on the 30th September, 2021.

1.    How do I participate in the offer?

It is easy! All you have to do is to Text “ALL IN” to 171


2.    What is the Prize?
A  Boat with Outboard Engine


3.    Is there a limited number of times where we can enter into the draw?

No, you can go into the draw as many times as you text “ALL IN” to 171


4.    Is there a charge to each Text?

Yes, there is $0.50 charge to each Text


5.    Can the text be charge from Free Credit?

No, ABM will be deducted for each text


6.    I am a postpaid customer, am I eligible to take part in this promotion.

Unfortunately, you are not. This promotion is only open to prepaid customers (Digicel Prepaid and My Home Price Plan)


7.    How long is this promotion?

Its starts on 24th June and ends on 30th September, 2021


8.    How will I find out if I won the Prize?

A  Digicel representative will contact you accordingly 


9.    When will the draw take place? 

Promotion will end on 30th September, however Draw will be done on 1st October, 2021


10.    Is the offer applicable to all Prepaid Price plan or its Whitelisted customers only?

All Prepaid customers can text and go in to the draw, inclusive of My Home Plan and Tourist Price Plan