Opt In & WIN $100 Cash

Opt into Prime Monthly Plan and go into the Draw to WIN $100 Cash x per week for 8 weeks. Promotion is applicable to prepaid customers only. 

These MyDigicel App & MyCash App “Opt-in to a Prime plan & win Cash promotion” (the “Promotion”) (the “MyDigicel App & MyCash App Opt-in & Win Promotion”) Frequently asked Questions (“FAQ”) and Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your participation in the Promotion for chances to win cash prizes on the MyDigicel App or MyCash App mobile application (the “App”).

You should read these FAQs and Terms carefully before participating in the Promotion.


“We” or “us” means Digicel (Fiji) PTE Limited, a company registered under the laws of the republic of the Fiji Islands with registered offices Level 1, Digicel house, Nabua, Fiji


References to “we”, “our” and “us” in these Terms includes our subsidiaries and affiliates (“Affiliates”) from time to time.


“I” or “You” means the person accessing or using the App to participate in the Promotion (and “my” and “your” shall have the same meaning).


By participating in the Promotion on the App, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


These Terms incorporate the MyDigicel App & MyCash App. Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy, which you can access via the App.


If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, you should stop participating in the Promotion immediately.

1.    What is the promotional period?
The promotion is valid from, 20th May, 2022 12:00AM through to 15th July, 2022 11:59PM.


2.    Who is eligible to enter the Promotion (the “Eligible Customers”)?

In order to be eligible for the Promotion you must be a registered Digicel customer with a prepaid Digicel SIM.

The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:

a.      Postpaid Corporate & Business account customers;

b.      Employees/families of employees, employees of affiliates companies associated with this promotion;

c.      Postpaid customers with overdue amounts.

3.    What features can I use within the Apps to get me into the draw?

My Digicel App

Opt-in to a Prime plan through *555# or MyDigicel App

Top-up through MyDigicel App

Shake It through MyDigicel App



4.    Which Digicel prepaid bundles/plans are included in the Promotion?

Please see below list of plans that are eligible for the Promotion (the “Eligible Plans”):

Prime $3 All In plan

Prime $5 All In Plan

Monthly Prime $10_Plan

Monthly Prime $15_Plan

Monthly Prime $20_Plan


5.    How does the My Digicel App Opt-in to a Prime plan & Win Promotion work?

i. You as a customer must make Prime plan purchases from MyDigicel App or *555#, Top-up through MyDigicel App and play Shake to win through MyDigicel App, to have your mobile number entered into the draw for the weekly $100 cash prize.

ii. Each action completed will give you one entry into the draw, each time.

iii. Every week on Friday all entries received for the week will be placed into Digicel’s Electronic draw platform and one winner will be randomly selected out of the pool as winner.               


6.    When to participate in Promotion?

Promotion is open from 20th May to the 15th July, 2022.


7.    How many times can a customer win?

One customer can win a maximum of one prize.


8.    Prize Pool

$100 Cash x per week for 8 weeks.


9.    When will the prizes be drawn?

Draw will take place every Friday- 27th May, 3 rd June, 10th June, 17th June, 24th June, 1st July, 8 th July, 15th July. - Last day to participate in the offer is 15th July.


10.    Will customers be notified when they have received a prize?

Yes, winners will be notified.

Prizes redemption process and use:

Winners will be contacted by a Digicel representative to validate entry and ownership of phone number entered:

i. Once the winners have contacted Digicel and their entries validated, their prize will be made available for collection from their nearest Digicel Outlet, between the hours of  [8:00AM Monday -3:30PM Friday]

ii. Customers must have a registered MyCash account for collection of Cash Prizes.

iii. Customers are encouraged to collect their prize within 5 business days (Monday to Friday)

iv. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for another product. 

v. Digicel reserves the right to award any forfeited prizes to another participant in the Promotion and to substitute Prizes where reasonably required.

vi. Save in the event of its negligence, neither Digicel, nor any other person or party associated with the Promotion, their associated companies, agents, contractors and sponsors or any of its personnel involved in the Promotion, shall be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred or suffered, death or personal injury suffered or sustained, or costs incurred, arising from either participation in the Promotion or from claiming any Reward.  


11.    What will customers need in order to claim Other Prizes?

Winners must present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, voters’ identification card or driver’s licence) and the Digicel Phone number and an active MyCash Account. Customer will be required to complete and sign a Redemption Form confirming their receipt of their prize AND a Consent Release Form authorizing the use of their picture (where they chose to do so) on Social Media.