Billo Storage Plans

Billo Storage Plans



Having issues with your STORAGE! Well why not buy Billo Storage Plans. These storage plans can only be purchased from MyDigicel app using your Real Credit. No more waiting for a credit card to buy STORAGE!

Billo Storage Plans

Plan Name Cloud Storage (GB) Subscription (Monthly FJD) Subscription due Premium Features
Billo 50GB 50 $2 Every 30 Days Unlimited PhotoPick Analysis
Billo 100GB 100 $3.49 Every 30 Days Backup photos in original quality
Billo 250GB 250 4.49 Every 30 Days Delete duplicated contacts from phone directory
Billo 500GB 500 5.49 Every 30 Days Face/image recognition and grouping
Billo 2.5TB 2.5TB 21.99 Every 30 Days All other features of the app

1.    How do I redeem my promo code?
·         Your promo code will be received via Bip Message upon successfully submitting your

·         Billo Storage plans are not available for purchase on *555#.

·         You will be able to see your storage Plans in the Billo App (Billo App ➝ Settings ➝ Account Details ➝ My Packages)

·         The Billo Storage subscription plan is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another Number or account.

·         You will need to pay the storage subscription fee every month to be able to access your storage

·         This is just purely cloud storage, there is no data Plans given with this plan.

·         The subscription is due every 30- days from date of opt-in to the Storage plan.

·         Subscriptions are only on a 30-day basis.

·         You can at any time opt-out/cancel the 30-day monthly subscription Plan through MyDigicel App.


2.    How do I buy the storage plan for Billo?
Customer can purchase the plan through My Digicel App only.

3.    Will my plan auto-renew?
Yes, your plan will auto-renew after 30 Days, unless renewed earlier by you to extend the period.

4.    What will happen if I do not have sufficient credit on the 30th day, when subscription is due?
You will be given a reminder that your subscription is due, if you do top-up with the sufficient amount within the given grace period, your subscription is deemed as cancelled. You do not lose your content already uploaded immediately, and still have full access to this, however you cannot upload additional content, fi you have fully utilized the storage capacity of the cloud. You are given an additional period of 90 days to reactivate a plan, if not reactivated, your data will be deleted.

5.    Will my storage show on *130#?
No, it will not.

6.    How do I check how much storage do I have?
You can check that in the account details section of Billo app.

7.    Is this storage plan only available on My Digicel App?
Yes, this storage plan is only available on My Digicel App.

8.    What if I purchase a plan twice in a day?
You cannot subscribe to the same plan twice; however, you can add further subscription plans to what you are already subscribed to. 

9.    What are Billo Premium features?
Users with Premium Package membership store your photos in original quality without any loss of quality.

Once the Premium users enable Face & Image Grouping in Settings, Billo automatically groups the photos without any limits and creates smart albums of faces, objects and locations. The Photo Pick feature is available without limit. Users also can back up your contacts safely as well as delete multiple entries in the phone book. Other features (smart - safe log in, automatic stories, easy social media shares, photo editing etc.) is offered to all our users regardless of the package difference.

10.    Do third parties have access to my Billo data?
No, you can only log in to Billo with your own password. But you must protect your password at all times a access to your Billo is your responsibility and neither Digicel nor the service providers which have created the Billo App take any responsibility for data breaches via password phishing or you not protecting your password well.

11.    Can my saved data disappear from Billo?
No, if Billo subscription is active (the package is activated and paid) and you have not disabled the service, the data will be stored in Billo.

12.    If data is deleted from the phone, will it be deleted from Billo?
No. In order for data to be deleted from Billo, you must be deleted through the app.

13.    What happens to my stored data on Billo if I change my number to another operator?
You will not lose your data as long as your subscription continues and you do not cancel the service. If you purchase a storage plan (additional to your 5GB of free storage), after 90 days of the plan expiry;

·         If the files in your account are included in your 5GB of free storage, the files will continue to be stored and be accessible to you.

·         if the files in your account take up more space than the free/paid storage space provided, you will not be able to add new content unless you receive a new storage package, you can only view or download existing content to your device. Unless you add-on an extra or upgrade to a higher storage package, or you reduce your files to fit in the available storage space, your excess contents will be deleted after 90 days.

You can access Billo using a phone number from any mobile operator in the region. You can also continue to use Billo by logging in with your email. Please keep your email information updated and valid to not face any access issues when you change you number. 

These BILLO PROMO CODES Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your use of the cloud storage package, given to you as a Digicel Digital Service, with sole use on Billo, mobile digital application (“app”). This promotion provides Digicel customers on the eligible prepaid & postpaid price plans (Price plan is the tariff plan used to define Billing for different customer groups) with access to additional Cloud storage for Free. This is to be used to backup files as pertains to images, audio, video and documents from primary storage on a mobile device onto secondary storage, the cloud storage product. You should read these Terms carefully before registering and subscribing to access this Digital Service. The Billo App Terms and Conditions still apply; you can find this in your Billo app, under Settings Section, select “Terms of Use & Privacy Policy’ option. The below mentioned terms are in addition to the standing Terms of Use of the app.

“We” or “us” means Digicel (Fiji) PTE Limited, a company registered under the laws of The republic of the Fiji Islands and the registered office of which is at Level 3, Digicel House, 5 Vuna Rd, Nabua, Fiji Islands

“You” means the person accessing or benefitting from the use of the Digital Services (and “your” shall have the same meaning).

By accessing or using the Digital Services, whether occasionally, frequently or permanently, or by otherwise indicating your consent, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, you should stop using this Digital Service immediately.


These terms and conditions are subject to change at intermittent intervals, at Digicel’s discretion.

1.    What is the “Billo Promo Codes” promotion?

The Promotion gives you the customer an additional 10GB of Free storage (in Addition to the 5GB already available for Free from Billo App.

2.    When does the Promotion start and end?
The Promotion is valid from March 22nd, 2021 through to April 30th, 2021 (the “Promotional Period”).


3.    Can I take part in the Promotion?
This promotion is for anyone that receives the SMS for this campaign, downloads Billo App, and takes the steps to send the screenshot of their Billo App homepage to the given Bip number


4.    How does the Promotion work?
Follow these steps to participate in the Promotion:

Step 1: You will receive an SMS notifying you of the promotion. You must download Billo App, setup your Billo account and send a screenshot of your Billo Home-page, you must submit this screenshot via Bip messenger


Step 2: Once you have done the activity (screenshot of Billo homepage) you will send the screenshot of that activity to the specified Bip number (+679)7389697, to send the Screenshot to this number, you must save this number to your handset.


Step 3: Once screenshot is submitted, you will receive a promo code that you will then enter into the “Billo Campaign” section of the app. You will find this by going clicking on the “Settings” icon in the right hand corner>Click on “Account details”>Billo Campaign. A link to this section will also be provided. You must enter your promo code into this section of the app to redeem your free extra 10GB.

5.    What will I win?

You will an additional 10GB of free cloud storage.

6.    How long is the 10GB storage valid for?
10GB additional storage is valid for 365 days from when redeemed.

Additional Terms and Conditions

·         Upon the expiration of your 10GB promo storage and have a storage higher than the free limit (5 GB), you will not be able to upload any new files, but will be able to view or download your uploaded files for 6 months (180 days) from the date your plan expires. You will receive monthly warning messages within the 6 months through different channels (such as PNs, email, SMS) informing that if you do not purchase higher storage packages your data will be deleted. 180 day countdown only begins when there is no paid plan left on account.

·         You can purchase more than one storage tier simultaneously (eg. 50GB + 100GB). Each subscription is treated separately, so you will have the accumulated amount of storage if more than one storage plan is active (155GB – 5GB free + 50GB + 100GB). Each subscription (50GB, 100GB) will expire 30 days from the date of purchase.

·         All storage subscriptions are accumulative with the exception of the renewal of the same standalone tier/planIf you renew the same plan the storage date will change but the amount of data storage will not be cumulative. Storage accumulation will only occur with purchase of standalones with different storage allotments.

·         With the purchase of a standalone (Billo Premium), you receive:

o   50GB & higher storage

o   Zero rated upload and download, where your chosen data plan does not shrink with your use of the App

o   Unlimited PhotoPick Analyses

o   Backup photos in original quality

o   Delete duplicated contacts from phone directory

o   Face/image recognition and grouping

o   All other features of the app

·         If you purchase a standalone plan, and the plan is cancelled/expires with no renewal, all files will stay in Billo for 180 days/6 months. If no plan is activated within this time period, ALL files will be deleted. You can delete files within the 180 days to reduce your storage usage to the 5GB free allowance. No files will be deleted if you reduce your storage to the free allowance within the 180 days grace period.

·         180 day countdown only begins when there is no paid plan (plans with more than free 5GB storage allowance) left on account.

·            If you does not login to the application for a consecutive period of 9 months, communications will be sent monthly for the next 3 months via different channels (such as PNs, email, SMS). At the end of the 3 month communications (no log in for a total of 12 months), all data will be deleted, however customer will still have access to your account.

When you delete an item or a file such as photo/video/album, etc., these item(s) or file(s) are moved to trash bin which is located in the Files menu. If you do not restore the deleted item(s) or file(s) within 30 days of deletion, you will be permanently deleted automatically. The items and files in trash bin will be counted in the user’s Billo quota. Once you are permanently deleted, the size of the deleted items will be discounted from the quota. To delete all files in the trash bin easily when needed, an “Empty Trash bin” option is available. You can also delete item(s) or file(s) manually.

Two points above you say 6 months. Hence deleting this one as is conflicting.