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Topping Up

Digicel offers various methods of topping up your account, you can Top Up through the following methods: FLEX Cards and Direct TOPUP.

You can buy Digicel Flex Cards at over 25,000 locations throughout Fiji.

Digicel Flex Cards are available in the following values:

  • $6, $10, $15, $20, $50 $100 - all valid for 90 days

To check your Digicel Flex balance:

  1. Press *120#
  2. Press SEND and check the screen on your phone for your balance.

To recharge your Digicel Flex account using a Flex Card:

  1. Press *121*VoucherNumber#
  2. Press SEND and check the screen on your phone for confirmation.

There are various methods of Topping Up your account and we aim to make it easy for you here at Digicel, we have 2 options available at the moment ...

Direct FLEX is the voucher less method of adding credit to your prepaid account.

  • Available at selected locations in Fiji.
  • Pay the dealer the value of your desired amount from $1.00 upward to $100 (e.g. $7.54).
  • Have the Dealer send the Top Up amount directly to your Digicel phone from the terminal.
  • The Dealer will issue a receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Check your account before leaving the Dealer store by typing in *120# and press the SEND/CALL button from your phone.

The convenient way to Top Up your Digicel prepaid account! FLEX Cards are readily available all around the country from a wide variety of retail outlets, including Digicel stores, supermarkets and gas stations throughout Fiji.

Follow these 3 simple steps to recharge your account:

  • Type *121*VoucherNumber#
  • Press SEND/CALL button on your Digicel phone
  • Check the screen on your phone for confirmation.

For a less time consuming method, Top Up Online or if your family & friends overseas want to send you Top up.

  • Log into  
  • Click Online Top Up  
  • and you're ready to go.

or download our Digicel Top Up App on google play.

Please feel free to call our 24 hour Customer Care on 124 (Charged Customer Care) and  123 (FREE Automated CALL) for any queries from your Digicel phone or visit the nearest Digicel store.

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