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The wireless way to stay informed!

On the road and want to know the latest football or cricket results? En route to the airport and want to check flight arrival and departure times?  With mINFO quickly get all this information and more. Choose from a great menu of  topics including:

Movie Listings

International Stock Market results

Local and International news headlines

  • Top 10 music videos
  • Local and International weather 

How Does it Work? Simple- Just send a Digicel text!

  1. From your phone menu SELECT "Messages"
  2. SELECT “Edit” or Write Message
  3. Type in the key word for the information you want
  4. Now send this message to (4636).
  5. Receive the SMS within a minute with the information you asked for.

*The content of some information you request may require the service to send you more than one SMS for the information to be complete, e.g. Jokes and International Sports. It will still only cost you $0.50 per subscription request for your request, e.g. Digi TEXT.


CODES: http://www.digicelfiji.com/en/services/funstuff/digicel_info

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