Multimedia Messaging

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Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Multimedia Messaging (MMS) enables you to exchange a combination of text, audio, picture and video with other Digicel subscribers. You can also send MMS messages to an email address. Each message sent is charged at a flat rate. There is no charge to receive a message.

How to Send a Multimedia Message (MMS):

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Select Messages
  3. Select MMS
  4. Choose to add text, audio, picture &/or video as desired
  5. Enter phone number, email address or select recipient from your phonebook
  6. Send Message

You can also take a picture or record an audio/video clip and send it as an MMS message straight away.

How to send an audio/video clip as an MMS:

  1. Take picture / record audio or video clip
  2. Select Send as MMS
  3. Choose to add text as desired
  4. Enter phone number or email address or select recipient from your phonebook
  5. Send Message


*To use MMS you must have a GPRS/EDGE compatible handset that supports MMS.
* Not all phones support video. Please refer to your phone’s user guide for assistance.

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Multimedia Messaging