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Additional Services offered by Digicel

In addition to voice and data plans, we offer a number of fun and useful extras to enhance your mobile experience.  Get the most out of our services, and enjoy personaliszation and convenience right from your mobile device.


Balance Check
Balance Check enables you our customers to check your mobile account balance at any time of the day or night. This service is free to all our customers to access whether you are a Prepaid or Postpaid customer.
Call Waiting and Call Holding
Call Waiting is like having two lines - when you are on a call, you will be notified of another incoming call.
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding enables our customers to forward incoming calls to your voicemail or to any other number in Fiji.
Missed Call Alerts
With Missed Call Alerts our customers are able to know who called them and at what time if they were not able to answer their mobile phone. It is a convenient service to ensure that you do not miss that important call.
Voicemail Services
Every Digicel customer gets voicemail at 20c per unit. For your convenience Digicel has set up automatic diverts to your voicemail if your phone is switched off or unanswered. You will receive a Text message on your mobile phone informing you that you have a new voicemail and all you need to do is simply dial 555 and follow the instructions.
Top Up
Digicel offers various methods of topping up your account, you can Top Up through the following methods: FLEX Cards and Direct TOPUP
The Digicel InTunes service is offered to all Digicel customers and allows you to personalize the tune that is played to your callers. After activating the service and The Digicel InTunes service is offered to all Digicel customers and allows you to personalize the tune that is played to your callers. After activating the service and purchasing a tune, when someone dials your mobile number, the Digicel network recognizes that you have activated the Digicel InTunes service and plays the tune you selected to the person calling.
Looking for up-to-the-minute news and sports updates or the latest games and music? mLive allows you to access all of this and more directly from your GPRS/ EDGE enabled Digicel phone. Choose from a variety of content in Digicel Live organized under the following headings:
On the road and want to know the latest football or cricket results? En route to the airport and want to check flight arrival and departure times? With mINFO quickly get all this information and more. Choose from a great menu of topics including:
Credit U allows you to share/transfer credit from your own Postpaid or Prepaid account to a friend’s or family’s prepaid account using your Digicel phone.
Digicel’s “Call Me” service allows you to send an SMS with less than $0.14c on your account to another prepaid user
Multimedia Messaging
Multimedia Messaging (MMS) enables you to exchange a combination of text, audio, picture and video with other Digicel subscribers. You can also send MMS messages to an email address. Each message sent is charged at a flat rate. There is no charge to receive a message.

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