The Bawse Plan

The Bawse Plan

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The Bawse Plan

What is a BAWSE?? A BAWSE is someone who exudes Confidence, turns Heads, reaches Goals, finds inner Strength and Smiles genuinely - because they've fought through it all and made it out the other side. The double-handed praise was created for them!!

The “BAWSE PLAN” is a plan which makes our customers the BAWSE giving them everything they need in a Prepaid plan; Unlimited Digicel Calls, Unlimited Digicel SMS, Local minutes to Call anyone, Data to Stream, Download & Browse as well as social data inclusive of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp browsing…. Now that’s the BAWSE Plan that makes our customers the BAWSE !!

Customers can avail of Daily, Weekly or Monthly BAWSE Plans from as low as $3.

The Offer is available to all Digicel Prepaid customers on *555# from their handsets.


 B Better FASTEST Network

 A Anywhere local calls

W Worries Off no out of bundle charges

 S SMS Unlimited Digicel to Digicel

 E Entertainment all day everyday


Bawse Plans

BAWSE Plans Data & Social Local Minutes On-Net Calls & SMS
Daily $3 2 GB 5 mins Unlimited
Daily $3
Data & Social
2 GB
Local Minutes
5 mins
On-Net Calls & SMS
Weekly $7 5 GB 10 mins Unlimited
Weekly $7
Data & Social
5 GB
Local Minutes
10 mins
On-Net Calls & SMS
Monthly $25 18 GB 40 mins Unlimited
Monthly $25
Data & Social
18 GB
Local Minutes
40 mins
On-Net Calls & SMS

Off Net minutes bundles

  • For calls only, to other local networks i.e. Vodafone, INKK, Telecom Fiji.
  • Special rate numbers (premium numbers) will not be included in the bundle.
  • Calls and SMS to international landlines and mobiles will not be included in the bundle, it will be deducted from the real credit.
  • SMS to other local networks (Vodafone, INKK, and Telecom) and International will be deducted from real credit.
  • real credit will be deducted for all off-net calls once bundle is fully exhausted
  • Plan will auto renew

Main Bundle and Social Bundle Details:

  • 50% of the data bundle is allocated to social sites usage only, with the remaining 50% of the data bundle allocated to general internet usage
  • Videos on Social Sites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) will be taken from the general data bundle
  • Voice and Video (VOIP) calls over Messenger (Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp) will be taken from the general data bundle
  • Bundles will be available to Digicel Prepaid Subscribers only.
  • The bundles will be available on USSD *555#.
  • Customer is allowed to purchase multiple subscriptions of the same and/or different bundles.
  • Data on rollover is only applicable to your general data bundle. Your social bundle does not roll over.

1.    How do I opt in for any of the bundles?
Dial *555# and select the bundle of your choice

2.    Does the data rollover?

Yes, the data does not rollover for the Main Data Bundle only when the plan auto renewed and expire in the given timeframe. The Data roll over is not applicable if the plan expires:

  • If the customer opts out of the plan
  • If the customers don’t have sufficient funds for auto renewal

3.    Where can I get the sims from?
From any Digicel Outlet.

4.    Can staff apply for this promotion?
No, they cannot, unless they have a non-staff account.

5.    Can I do multiple opt-ins?
Yes, you can.

6.    How do I check my data balance?
You can dial *130# and check your data balance.

7.    Are these plans only available for prepaid customers?
Yes, these plans are only available for prepaid customers.

8.    Does international calls come under off net minutes bundle?
No, the off net minute bundle is only for local network calls that is Inkk, Vodafone and Telecom Fiji

9.    Is the Social Bundle Free and Unlimited?
No, the social bundles are not for Free and Unlimited. It has a data allocated for each plans for the social bundles and once it’s exhausted, it will be deducted from the Main Data Bundle.

10.    Will the social bundle be inclusive of Calling (Video/Audio), and watching videos that are in the app?
No, the social bundle is only for browsing.

  • This offer is applicable to Digicel prepaid customers only.
  • Data rollover is applicable and limited to twice the data allowance.
  • 50% of the data bundle is allocated to social sites usage only, with the remaining 50% of the data bundle allocated to general internet usage.
  • Off-net call minutes is applicable to local networks within Fiji.
  • Digicel to Digicel calls and sms is unlimited for the duration of the bundle purchased.
  • Standard out of bundle charges apply once your bundle is exhausted or has expired.

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The Bawse Plan