PHAT $10 for 20GB

PHAT $10 for 20GB

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PHAT $10 for 20GB

Plan Name Price ($) Validity Data allocation (GB) Data rollover Auto-renews
PHAT $10 - 20GB $10 10 Days 20GB No Yes
Plan Name
PHAT $10 - 20GB
Price ($)
10 Days
Data allocation (GB)
Data rollover

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1.    Where can I get my PHAT Data plans?
All PHAT data plans are available on *555# Menu and on MyDigicel app.

2.    How do I get PHAT Data plans on MyDigicel app?
Customers need to Login to MyDigicel app. Go to the My Plans section off the APP and buy any of the PHAT Data plans (Daily $2-2GB, PHAT $3-3GB, PHAT $4-4GB, PHAT $7-10GB, PHAT $8- 16GB, PHAT $10 for 20GB, PHAT $15-20GB, PHAT $25-35GB and PHAT $50- 100GB.)

3.    How do I get PHAT Plans on *555#?
All Customer’s on above mentioned price plans can dial *555# and select any of the PHAT plans to buy by entering the corresponding number beside it, then pressing “Confirm”, to purchase plan.

4.    Do the offers auto-renew?
Yes offers auto-renew with their respective time of bundle expiry. For example; a Daily 2GB plan with plan life of 24 hours will auto-renew automatically in 24 hours.

5.    Does Un-used Data Rollover?
No for Phat $10 for 20GB, no data rollover is applicable

6.    Are multiple opt ins allowed?
Multiple opt ins are allowed. Multiple opt in scenarios:

Customer has opted in 3 day 2GB Data Plan and has unused bundles but opts into 3 Day 2GB Data again- Data bundles will rollover gives extra data for to the customer to use.

7.    Will I get notification on data usage
Yes, Customer will get notification on 75%, 90%, 100% usage of data bundle.

This promotion is a limited time offer and will end on August 31st, 2020. Data roll over is not applicable to the promotion. All PHAT data plans are available on *555# Menu and on MyDigicel app. Customers need to have existing normal credit in order to opt into a phat data plan.

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PHAT $10 for 20GB