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Digicel Mobile Money

Digicel Mobile Money is an easy to use, secure service that turns your mobile phone into an electronic wallet.Your money is safely secured in a trust account which is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Simply dial *888# to Top up your EFL Prepay Meter.

1.    What you can do with Digicel Mobile Money?

  • Top Up: Buy and Send Top Up
  • Send Money
  • Withdraw Money
  • Digicel Postpaid
  • Pay Bills - Water, Housing, EFL, Sky Pacific, BSP Insurance
  • Check Balance, See Transaction History and change your personal details.

2.    Why use Digicel Mobile Money?

  • No annual Fees
  • No Bank Account, Credit Card or Debit Card Needed
  • Unlimited Number of Transactions
  • No Registration Charged

3.    Is My Money Safe in My Wallet?

It’s actually safer than the money in your wallet! This is because Digicel Mobile Wallet is protected by a Personal Identification Number (PIN). When you enter the service you’ll be asked for your PIN before any transaction is completed. It’s Important that you keep this confidential, treat it like your PIN for your bank account.

4.    Changing your PIN?

If you forget your PIN, there’s no need to worry. Simply call us on 123 and our Customer Care specialists will ask a few questions to verify your identity then they’ll reset your PIN. The balance on your Mobile Wallet will remain even when you change your PIN. If in the unfortunate event where your phone is lost or stolen, please remember that your Mobile Wallet is protected by your PIN.

5.    How Do I get Started with DMM?

Just dial *888# and press send from your Digicel Handset. Once you confirm registration, you’ll receive an SMS with your temporary PIN. You’ll be asked to dial *888# and press send again and SELECT change PIN. Please SELECT change details from the MY OPTION Account  option. To change your details you’ll be asked  to reply to a SMS with: FIRST NAME#LAST NAME #FULL ADDRESS# OCCUPATION # Registration code.

6.    How Do I put Cash in My Mobile Wallet?

Adding money to your mobile wallet is easy and can be done at any Authorized Digicel Mobile Money Agent. To add Money Simply show proof of your Name, Address, and Occupation to an Authorized Digicel Mobile Money Agent. The Agent will verify your details and process.

7.    Sending Money to Family and Friends?

With DMM you can transfer money to your family and friends across Fiji whenever you like. If you have money in your wallet, simply dial *888# and press send to access the main menu. SELECT transfer money then follow the steps to send money to family and friends. You will get an SMS to confirm the transaction and the recipient will get an SMS to tell them that their Mobile Wallet has been credited.

NB: You do not have to register to transfer Money but you will need to register to withdraw money.

8.    How do I Withdraw Money?          

You can withdraw money from your mobile wallet by simply visiting any Authorized Digicel Mobile Money Agent. You’ll need to log in to MY ACCOUNT and show your current details and a matching valid ID (Name, Address, Occupation) to the Digicel Mobile Money Agent. To login to My Account just dial *888# and press send, then SELECT My Account. The Digicel Mobile Agent will check your ID and process the transaction. You’ll receive an SMS notification of the transaction. 

NB: It’s a quick process and soon you will be walking away with money in your pocket.

9.    How Do I use Pay Bills?

With Bill pay, you can use your Mobile wallet to pay for goods and services from any of our bill payment partners. To pay your bill today just dial *888# and press send. SELECT Bill Pay- you will see the list of providers to choose from. Simply follow the steps to pay you bills, when your transaction is complete you’ll receive a confirmation text message.

10.    How Do I Top Up From My Mobile Wallet?

With Digicel Mobile Money you can Top Up yourself or send Top Up to your Digicel Family and Friends from your Mobile Wallet. It’s very easy and it means that you can Top Up your phone or your friend’s phone anywhere, anytime. To Top Up dial *888# and press send on your Digicel phone, you will then see the main menu.

  • SELECT Top Up, You’ll see two options:-
  • - Buy Top Up
  • - Send Top up
  • Buy Top Up will put credit on your own phone.
  • Send Top Up will allow you to send Top Up to other Digicel phones in Fiji.
  • You will receive an SMS transaction confirmation that you have successfully Buy Top Up or Send Top Up.

For More information on Digicel Mobile Money Please contact  Customer Care on 123 from your Digicel Phone.

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